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The Hold Steady( 穩定樂團 )



【 A Positive Rage 】【 英文 】【 2009-04-07 】


2.Intro (提供)

3.Stuck Between Stations

4.The Swish

5.Chips Ahoy!

6.Massive Nights

7.Ask Her For Adderall

8.Barfruit Blues

9.Same Kooks

10.You Gotta Dance

11.You Can Make Him Like You

12.Your Little Hoodrat Friend

13.Southtown Girls


15.First Night

16.Girls Like Status

17.Killer Parties

18.Two Handed Handshake

19.40 Bucks

20.Cheyenne Sunrise

21.Lord, I'm Discouraged


2009 two disc (CD/DVD) release featuring 17 live tracks (CD) plus The Hold Steady Documentary (DVD). In the last three years, the Hold Steady have a come a long way. They've gone from being everyone's favorite bar band in their hometown of Minneapolis to critically acclaimed, international heavyweights. The band's newest studio album, Stay Positive, adorns just about every tastemaker Top 10 list of 2008, and the album has now sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. The band's live show is a big part of their success. While some fans try and keep up with Craig Finn's now-renowned vocals, some just shake with joy and try to mimic Finn's white-guy dance moves. A Positive Rage is not only a live album but, through a documentary style DVD, also gives fans a look behind a band that has risen from the Indie Rock underbelly to being the voice for hundreds of thousands of beer swilling men and women that are out to have a good time.