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Destiny's Child( 天命真女 )【 共收藏 18 張專輯, 317 首歌 】
天命真女 (英文:Destiny's Child)是美國的節奏藍調女子組合。起初是一隊二重唱組合,後來發展成四重唱組合,最後演變成三重唱組合。天命真女的唱片及單曲創下了五千萬的銷售記錄。2005年6月12日,天命真女宣布在西班牙巴塞隆納舉行演唱會之後,宣布解散,反而追求各自的音樂、戲劇、電視和電影事業。

以首支單曲「No, No, No」便成功打進Billboard單曲排行榜Top 10的Destiny's Child,是由LaTavia,, Beyonce, Kelly及LeToya這四位平均年齡16歲的漂亮女孩所組成,但其成團歷史卻可以追溯至她們都還在小學就讀時期,所以說她們可說是已將自己過去寶貴人生的大半時光,都花費在為這值得驕傲的一刻做準備與努力,可謂實至名歸。
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Love Songs 英文
destiny fulfilled 英文
1.Lose My Breath (P. Johnson & M. Joshua Mixes)
2.Lose My Breath (P. Rauhofer/P. Johnson/M. Joshua Mixes) (提供)
3.Soldier (Remixes)
4.Cater 2 U
#1's 絕對完美冠軍精選+新曲 英文
1.Stand Up For Love (真愛宣言[新歌])
2.Independent Women I (玩美當家)
5.Check On It (Beyoncé featuring Slim Thug) (愛情詭計[新歌])
6.Jumpin', Jumpin' (躍躍欲試)
7.Lose My Breath (無法喘息)
8.Say My Name (呼喊我)
9.Emotion(愛戀心事 )
10.Bug A Boo (煩人精)
11.Bootylicious (秀色可餐 )
12.Bills, Bills, Bills (帳單滿天飛)
13.Girl (女孩)
14.No, No, No Part 2 (featuring Wyclef Jean) (不,不,不 續篇 (與克里夫金))
15.Cater 2 U (撫慰你)
16.Feel The Same Way I Do (心有同感[新歌])
17.Brown Eyes(琥珀眼眸)
Destiny Fulfilled (魅行天下) 英文
1.Lose My Breath (無法喘息)
2.Soldier (真愛鬥士)
3.Cater 2 U (為你服務)
4.T-Shirt (T恤)
5.Is She The Reason?(原因是她嗎)
6.Girl (女孩)
7.Bad Habit (壞習慣)
8.If (如果)
9.Free (自由)
10.Through With Love (結束愛情)
11.Love (愛)
12.Game Over (遊戲結束)
13.Why You Actin'
At The Movies 英文
Columbia Music
1.Independent Women
2.Work It Out
4.Killing Time
6.Hey Goldmember
7.Perfect Man
8.Train On The Track
This Is The Remix (最新混音暢銷精選+新曲) 英文
1.No, No, No (Part II featuring Wyclef)
2.Emotion (Neptunes' Remix)
3.Bootylicious (featuring Missy Elliott)
4.Say My Name (featuring Timbaland)
5.Bug A Boo (featuring Wyclef)
6.Dot(The E-Poppi Mix)
7.Survivor (featuring Da Brat)
8.Independent Women (Part II)
9.Nasty Girl (Azza's Nu soul Mix )
10.Jumpin' Jumpin (featuring Lil Bow Wow, JD & Da Brat)
11.Bills, Bills, Bills (Maurice Joshua Remix)
12.So Good (Maurice Joshua Remix)
13.Heard A Word
8 Days Of Christmas(燦爛的聖誕季節) 英文
1.8 Days Of Christmas
2.Winter Paradise
3.A Dc Christmas Medley
4.Silent Night
5.The Little Drummer Boy
6.Do You Hear What I Hear
7.White Christmas
8.Platinum Bells
9.O' Holy Night
10.Spread A Little Love On Christmas Day
11.This Christmas
12.Opera Of The Bells
Survivor(百戰嬌娃) 英文
1.Independent Women Part I
4.Nasty Girl
6.Apple Pie A La Mode
7.Sexy Daddy
8.Independent Women Part Ii
9.Happy Face
11.Dangerously In Love
12.Brown Eyes
13.The Story Of Beauty
14.Gospel Medley
The Writing's On The Wall(有跡可循) 英文
1.Intro(The Writing's On The Wall)
2.So Good
7.Now That She's Gone
8.Where'd You Go?
9.Hey Ladies
10.If You Leave
11.Jumpin Jumpin
12.Say My Name
13.She Can't Love You
15.Sweet Sixteen
16.Outro(Amazing Grace)
Destiny's Child 英文
4.Illusion (featuring Wyclef Jean & Pras)
5.Killing Time
6.My Time Has Come
7.No, No, No Part 1
8.No, No, No Part 2 featuring Wyclef Jean
9.No, No, No, Part I
10.No No No Part II
11.No, No, No, Part Ii (featuring Wyclef Jean)
12.Sail On
13.Second Nature
14.Show Me the Way
15.Tell Me
16.With Me Part 1 featuring J.D.
17.With Me Part 2 featuring Master P
18.With Me Part I
19.With Me Part II
20.With Me Part Ii (featuring Master P)
Destiny's Child(首張同名專輯) 英文
1.Second Nature
2.No No No(Part Ii)
3.With Me(Part I)
4.Tell Me
6.No No No(Part I)
7.With Me
8.Show Me The Way
9.Killing Time
12.Sail On
13.My Time Has Come
14.Know That(Bonus Track)
15.Get On The Bus
Why Do Fools Fall In Love Soundtrack 英文
1.Get On the Bus
Romeo Must Die Soundtrack 英文
1.Perfect Man(Romeo Must Die Soundtrack)
Men In Black Soundtrack 英文
1.Killing Time
Destiny's Child / The Writing's On the Wall 英文
1.Second Nature
2.Killing Time
3.My Time Has Come (Dedicated to Andretta Tillman)
5.Bug a Boo (H-town Screwed Mix)
6.Sail On
8.Bills, Bills, Bills
9.Jumpin', Jumpin'
Charlie's Angels Soundtrack 英文
1.Dot2.Independent Women
暫存1 英文
1.Stimulate Me
2.No More Rainy Days
3.Independant Woman Part 1
4.Do They Know It's Christmas
5.Christmas For Cowboys
8.Bootylicious (rockwilder Remix Featuring Missy Elliott)
9.Bug A Bod (Refugee Camp Remix Featuring Wyclef Jean)
12.Lose My Breath
13.With Me Part 2
14.The Wassail Songa-ha
15.Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix)
16.Bug a Boo (Refugee Camp Remix)
17.Jumpin, Jumpin (So So Def Remix)
18.Say My Name (Timbaland Remix)
19.Thank You (dc-3) (outro)
20.Independent Women (charlie's Angels Soundtrack)
21.Outro (DC-3) Thank You
22.So Good (Maurice's Soul Remix)
23.A Visit From St.nicholas
24.Stimulate Me'(feat. Mocha
25.Jumpin', Jumpin' (So So Def Remix)'(feat. Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat & Lil Bow Wow
26.Survivor (Remix Extended Version)'(feat. Da Brat
27.Bug A Boo (Refugee Camp Remix)'(feat. Wyclef Jean
28.Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix)'(feat. Missy Elliott
29.No, No, No Part 2 (Extended Version)'(feat. Wyclef Jean
30.O' Holy Night'(feat. Michelle Williams
31.Do You Hear What I Hear'(feat. Kelly Rowland
32.The Little Drummer Boy'(feat. Solange Knowles
33.Silent Night'(feat. Beyonce Knowles
34.After All Is Said And Done
35.Amazing Grace
36.Bills, Bills, Bills (Trackmasters Remix)
38.Pround Family
40.Dance With Me
41.Get On The Bus(feat. Timbaland)
42.Jumpin', Jumpin' (remix Extended Version)
43.Know That
44.My Heart Still Beats
45.My Heart Still Beats (featuring Beyon
46.Never Can Say Goodbye (提供)
47.No, No, No Part 2
48.Independent Women Part 2
49.So Good (To Da Dee Remix)
50.Stimulate Me featuring Mocha
51.Survivor (Remix)
52.The Way That You Talk (提供)
53.With Me (Full Crew Main Mix)
54.You're The Only One
55.No, No, No
56.Independent Women Part 1
57.Independant Women
58.With Me Part 1
59.No, No, No, Pt. 1
60.With Me, Pt. 2
61.Bills, Bills, Bills (Maurice's Xclusive Livegig mix)
62.My Song
63.Jumping Jumping (提供)
66.Outro (提供)
67.Temptatios (提供)
68.Nasty Girl (Maurice's Nu Soul Remix Radio Edit)
69.Jumping Jumping (So So Def Remix)
70.Have You Way
71.Amazing Grace (Outro)
72.No No No Part 2'(feat. Wyclef Jean
暫存 英文
1.Survivor (Extended Version Remix)
2.Little Drummer Boy
3.Check On It (Album Version)
4.Upside Down
5.Gots My Own
6.Cater to You
7.2 Step
8.Game Over
9.Jumpin', Jumpin' (Extended Version Remix)
10.Dot (E-Poppi Mix)
11.Apple Pie %C0 La Mode
12.Destiny's Child - Bootylicious
13.Cater To U
14.Lose My Breath 1
15.I Know
16.Is She the Reason
17.With Me, Pt. 1
18.Loose My Breathe
21.Through With Love
23.Bad Habit
25.Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath
26.Have Your Way
27.Say My Name - Album Version
28.No, No, No, Pt. 2
29.Independent Woman Pt.1
31.Confessions (featuring Missy Elliott)
32.Destiny's Child - Where'd You Go
33.Independent Women, Pt. 2
34.Game Over (Bonus Track)
35.Feel the Same Way I Do
37.Cater 2 You
38.My Man
39.Independent Women Part I (#1's Edit)
40.Independent Woman Part 1
41.No, No, No, Pt. 2 (Extended Version)
42.Lose My Breath [Album Version]
43.Stand Up For Love
44.Destiny's Child - Emotion
45.Nasty Girl (Azzu's Nu Soul Mix)
46.Dot (The E-Poppi Remix)
47.Independent Women (Part 1 - Album Version)
48.Spread A Little Love On Christmas
49.Independent Woman [Album Version]
50.Destiny's Child - Say My Name
51.Destiny's Child - Jumpin, Jumpin
52.Destiny's Child - Brown Eyes
53.Destiny's Child - Survivor
54.Independent Women Part 1 Album
55.Come On
56.My Joy
57.Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
58.Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer
59.Carol of the Bells
60.Survivor (Victor Calderone Club Mix)
61.Heard A Word (By Michelle Williams)
62.A 'DC' Christmas Medley
63.Bootylicious [Rockwilder Remix]
64.Bills, Bills, Bills (Maurice's Xclusive Livegig Mix Edit)
65.Emotion (The Neptunes Remix)
66.Independent Women Pt. II
67.No, No, No Part 2 (Extended Version)
68.So Good (Maurice's Soul Mix)
69.Survivor (Remix Extended Version)
70.'Jumpin', Jumpin''
71.Where'd You Go
72.Outro (Amazing Grace...Dedicated To Andretta Tillman)
74.Thourgh With Love
75.Nasty Girl (Remix)
76.Can't Help Myself
77.Jumpin Jumpin (Remix)
78.Bootylicious (Remix)
79.Christmas Mix
80.I Can't Take No More
81.Ooh Child (Things Are Gonna Get Easier)
82.Smell Your Breath
83.Bug A Book (H-Town Screwed Mix)
84.Jumpin', Jumpin' (Maurice's Jumpin' Retro Mix)
85.Stand Up For Love (2005 World Children's Day Anthem)
86.Say My Name (Official Video) - Radio Edit
87.8 Days of Christmas (Live)
88.Girl - Single Version
89.Destiny's Child - Bootylicious (Official Video)
90.Independent Women, Pt. I
91.Stand Up for Love (2005 World Children's Day Anthem) [Radio Edit]
92.Stand Up For Love (2005 World Children's Day Anthem) - Call Out Hook
93.Cater 2 U (Storch Remix Edit)
94.Girl (The Freshman Remix)
95.Independent Women, Pt. 1
96.Independent Women, Pt. I - #1's Edit
97.Stand Up For Love (2005 World Children's Day Anthem) (Album Version)

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