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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Hold Steady( 穩定樂團 )
The Hold Steady( 穩定樂團 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 111 首歌 】
Hold Steady是一支來自紐約布魯克林的美國搖滾樂隊,成立於2003年。樂隊由Craig Finn(吉他手),Tad Kubler(吉他手),Galen Polivka(貝斯手),Bobby Drake(鼓手),Franz Nicolay (鍵盤)和Steve Selvidge(吉他)。由於他們的“抒情緻密的故事講述”和經典搖滾/酒吧音樂的影響而受到注意,樂隊的敘事為基礎的歌曲經常處理主題,如吸毒成癮,宗教和贖回等,並且經常以明尼阿波利斯市內的複發人物為特徵。

在Finn和Kubler的前樂隊Lifter Puller分手後成立四年,The Hold Steady於2004年發行了他們的首張專輯“Almost Killed Me”,並在第三張專輯“美國男孩和女孩” ,在2006年,鍵盤手和多樂器演奏家Franz Nicolay在錄製他們的第五張錄音室專輯Heaven Is Whenever(2010)之前離開樂隊。樂隊隨後的巡迴演出中,樂隊再次成為五人樂隊,加入了前Lucero吉他手Steve Selvidge。樂隊於2014年3月25日發行了他們的第六張專輯“Teeth Dreams”。Franz Nicolay於2016年5月4日重新加入樂隊。
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Teeth Dreams 英文
1.Spinners2.I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You
Rags 英文
1.All Through The City (提供)
2.Closer To The Stars (提供)
3.Hard Luck Woman (提供)
4.I Gotta Get Drunk (提供)
5.The Last Thing I Ever Wanted Was To Show Up And Blow Your Mind (提供)
Heaven Is Whenever 英文
Vagrant Records
1.The Sweet Part of the City
2.Soft in the Center
3.The Weekenders
4.The Smidge
5.Rock Problems
6.We Can Get Together
7.Hurricane J
8.Barely Breathing
9.Our Whole Lives
10.A Slight Discomfort
A Positive Rage 英文
2.Intro (提供)
3.Stuck Between Stations
4.The Swish
5.Chips Ahoy!
6.Massive Nights
7.Ask Her For Adderall
8.Barfruit Blues
9.Same Kooks
10.You Gotta Dance
11.You Can Make Him Like You
12.Your Little Hoodrat Friend
13.Southtown Girls
15.First Night
16.Girls Like Status
17.Killer Parties
18.Two Handed Handshake
19.40 Bucks
20.Cheyenne Sunrise
21.Lord, I'm Discouraged
Stay Positive 英文
1.Constructive Summer
2.Sequestered In Memphis
3.One For The Cutters
4.Navy Sheets
5.Lord, I'm Discouraged
6.Yeah Sapphire
7.Both Crosses
8.Stay Positive
10.Joke About Jamaica
11.Slapped Actress
Boys And Girls In America 英文
1.For Boston
2.Arms And Hearts
3.American Music
Separation Sunday 英文
1.Multitude Of Casualties2.Crucifixion Cruise
Almost Killed Me 英文
1.Positive Jam
2.Milkcrate Mosh
3.Curves & Nerves
4.Modesto Is Not That Sweet
iTunes Live From SoHo 英文
1.The Sweet Part of the City (Live)
2.Barely Breathing (Live)
3.We Can Get Together (Live)
4.The Weekenders (Live)
5.Both Crosses (Live)
6.Cheyenne Sunrise (Live)
War Child Presents Heroes 英文
1.Atlantic City
A Positive Rage (Live) 英文
1.Stuck Between Stations (Live)
2.Girls Like Status (Live)
3.First Night (Live)
4.Citrus (Live)
5.Southtown Girls (Live)
6.Your Little Hoodrat Friend (Live)
7.You Can Make Him Like You (Live)
8.You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came With) [Live]
9.Barfruit Blues (Live)
10.Ask Her for Adderall (Live)
11.Massive Nights (Live)
12.The Swish (Live)
13.Killer Parties (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
2.Massive Night
3.Hot Soft Light
4.Chillout Tent
5.Hot Fries
6.Party Pit
7.Cattle and the Creeping Things
8.Sketchy Metal
9.Hornets! Hornets!
10.Charlemagne in Sweatpants
11.Certain Songs
12.Banging Camp
13.Sweet Payne
14.How A Resurrection Really Feels
15.Stevie Nix
16.Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
17.Don't Let Me Explode
18.Hostile, Mass
19.Most People Are DJs
22.Cattle And The Creeping Things - Live At Fingerprints
23.Your Little Hoodrat Friend - Live At Fingerprints
24.The Bear and the Maiden Fair
25.The Bear & the Maiden Fair
26.Sequestered In Memphis (Live)
27.Spinners - Spotify Sessions Curated by Jim Eno
28.The Ambassador
29.Stuck Between Stations (Acoustic Version)
30.Entitlement Crew
31.Ascension Blues
32.Same Kooks (live)
33.Chips Ahoy! (live)

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