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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Mavericks
The Mavericks【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 122 首歌 】
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Mono 英文
1.All Night Long
2.Fascinate Me (提供)
3.Waiting For The World To End
4.Out The Door (提供)
5.The Only Question Is (提供)
6.Let It Rain (On Me)
7.What You Do To Me
8.Stories We Could Tell
9.What Am I Supposed To Do (提供)
10.Pardon Me
11.Summertime (When I'm With You)
12.Nitty Gritty (提供)
In Time 英文
1.Back In Your Arms Again
3.Born To Be Blue
4.Come Unto Me
5.In Another's Arms
6.Fall Apart
7.That's Not My Name
8.Amsterdam Moon
9.As Long As There's Loving Tonight
10.Call Me When You Got to Heaven
11.Dance in the Moonlight
12.Ven Hacia Mi (Come Unto Me) (提供)
13.All Over Again
14.Forgive Me
Music for All Occasions 英文
1.Somethin' Stupid (提供)
2.Foolish Heart
3.One Step Away
4.Here Comes the Rain
5.Missing You
6.All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
7.My Secret Flame
8.The Writing On The Wall
9.Loving You
10.If You Only Knew
11.I'm Not Gonna Cry For You
Trampoline 英文
1.Melbourne Mambo (提供)
2.Dance the Night Away
3.Tell Me Why
4.I Should Know
5.Someone Should Tell Her
6.To Be with You
7.I've Got This Feeling
8.Fool #1
9.I Don't Even Know Your Name
10.I Hope You Want Me Too
11.Save a Prayer
12.Dream River
What a Crying Shame 英文
1.There Goes My Heart
2.What a Crying Shame
4.I Should Have Been True
5.Just A Memory
6.The Things You Said To Me
7.All That Heaven Will Allow
8.Neon Blue
9.O What a Thrill
10.Ain't Found Nobody
11.The Losing Side of Me
From Hell to Paradise 英文
1.Mr. Jones
2.Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache)
3.This Broken Heart
4.I Got You
5.From Hell to Paradise
6.A Better Way
7.Forever Blue
8.Hey, Good Lookin'
10.The End of the Line (Jim Baker)
暫存 英文
2.The End Of The Line
3.Something Stupid
4.Blue Moon
6.All I Get
7.She Does
8.La Mucura
9.Santa Claus Is Back In Town
10.Too Lonely
11.I Want
12.Time Goes By (w/Willie Nelson)
13.I'm Wondering
14.World Without Love
15.I Don't Care (If You Don't Love Me Anymore)
16.Oh What A Thrill
17.I Want to Know
18.Things I Cannot Change
20.San Jose
21.Here Comes My Baby
22.Air That I Breathe
23.Because of You
24.Think of Me (When You're Lonely)
25.Fool No. 1
26.Are You Lonesome Tonight
27.La Mucara
28.Dance the Night Away (Live in Austin, Texas)
29.San Jose (Live)
30.I Want to Know (Live)
31.What a Crying Shame (Live)
32.There Goes My Heart (Live)
33.Siboney (Live)
34.I Said I Love You (Live)
35.All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (Live)
36.Dance the Night Away - Live
37.Here Comes the Rain (Live)
38.Think of Me (When You're Lonely) (Live)
39.Because of You (Live in Austin, Texas)
40.Save a Prayer (Live in Austin, Texas)
41.The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Live from the Albert Hall)
42.Oh, What a Crying Shame
43.Dr. Feelgood
44.Things I Cannot Change (Edit)
45.All Over Again - ACL Live / Moody Theater, Austin TX / 2015
46.I Said I Love You - ACL Live / Moody Theater, Austin TX / 2015
47.Damned (If You Do)
48.Down on the Corner
49.Time Goes By
50.In My Dreams
51.Would You Believe

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