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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Raphael Saadiq
Raphael Saadiq【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 92 首歌 】
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Stone Rollin' 英文
1.Day Dreams
2.Go To Hell
3.Good Man
4.Heart Attack
5.Just Don't
6.Moving Down The Line
7.Over You
9.Stone Rollin'
10.The Answer
The Way I See It 英文
1.Sure Hope You Mean It
2.100 Yard Dash
3.Keep Marchin
4.Big Easy
5.Just One Kiss
6.Love That Girl
8.Staying In Love
9.Oh Girl
10.Never Give You Up
Ray Ray 英文
1.Blaxploitation (提供)
2.Ray Ray Theme (提供)
3.I Know Shuggie Otis (提供)
4.This One
5.Chic Like You
6.Live Without You
7.Detroit Girl (提供)
8.Not a Game (提供)
9.Rifle Love
11.I Want You Back
12.I Love Her (提供)
13.Grown Folks
14.Save Us
Live in Paris 英文
1.Let's Take a Walk (live version)
2.Sure Hope You Mean It
3.Big Easy
4.Let's Take a Walk
5.Keep Marchin'
6.100 Yard Dash (live version)
7.Never Give You Up
8.Just One Kiss
9.Sure Hope You Mean It (live version)
10.Staying in Love
Instant Vintage 英文
1.Skyy, Can You Feel Me
2.Be Here
3.Different Times
4.Sky, Can You Feel Me
5.Blind Man
Cadillac Records 英文
1.Let's Take A Walk
All Hits At the House Of Blues (Live) 英文
1.Body Parts (Live)
2.Be Here (Live)
3.Get Involved (Live)
4.Different Times (Live)
5.Blind Man (Live)
6.Still Ray (Live)
7.Loving You (Live)
8.Let's Get Down (Live)
9.Anniversary (Live)
10.Whatever You Want (Live)
11.Lay Your Head On My Pillow (Live)
12.Still a Man (Live)
13.Missing You (Live)
14.Ask of You (Live)
15.Faithful (Live)
16.Excuse Me (Live)
17.Charlie Ray (Live)
18.You (Live)
暫存 英文
2.Still Ray
3.Whatever You Want
4.Make My Day
6.It's a Shame
7.What's Life Like
8.Staying In Love (Live)
9.Get Involved
10.Just A Man
11.Be Here F/ D'Angelo
12.Ask Of You
13.You're the One That I Like (Live)
14.Lay Your Head On My Pillow
15.Excuse Me
16.Tick Tock
17.Still A Man
18.Loving You
19.The Perfect Storm
20.Only Knew
21.Just One Kiss (Live)
22.Keep Marchin' (Live)

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