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Jae Millz【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 79 首歌 】
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Dead Presidents 2 英文
1.The Walk In
2.Everydays Anthem
3.The God
4.Papa John
5.Vintage Jae
6.God Bless The Child
7.Pure Honesty
8.My Old Thang
9.Riding Slow
10.I Gotta Eat
12.Fuck Around (提供)
13.Who Dont (feat. Twista) (提供)
14.Type Of Shit I Be On
15.Sleep With My Shades On
16.Let The Top Down
17.She Baddd (提供)
18.Grind All Day
19.Go Get It
20.Dutch Masters
21.It's You
22.Presidents Represent Me (365)
23.The Walk Out
The Virgo 4: How Nasty Can He Get 英文
1.Smoke & Fuck (提供)
2.Magazine Covers
3.Wassup (提供)
4.Best Dick In Ya Life
5.Make U Feel Good (提供)
6.Young Barry Radio (提供)
7.Seems Like You Know (提供)
8.Don't Let Go (提供)
9.Her Pussy Taste So Gooood (提供)
10.Another Round (提供)
11.Young Barry Radio - Sinnamon Love Call-In (提供)
12.Sex On The Balcony
13.Beat Da Pussy Up (提供)
14.I Just Wanna (提供)
15.My Type Of Bitch (提供)
16.Don't Stop (Pop Dat)
Property Of Potentness 英文
1.Come Fly With Me (提供)
2.All In My Mind (提供)
3.Palm Trees, Sunshine & The Sand
4.Living Better Than I Look (提供)
5.Dear Smoke Alarm (提供)
6.Live From The Lenox Lounge (提供)
7.This Is 4 Her
8.Everyday Is 420 (提供)
Zone Out Season 2 英文
1.Still Zone-ing
3.Every Girl
The Flood Warning (Mixtape) 英文
1.The Rain (Snippet) (提供)
2.Popular Demand (提供)
3.I Wanna Rock (提供)
4.Skit (提供)
5.The Paper (提供)
6.Micki Minaj Speaks (提供)
7.Run 4 Mayor
8.Uptown (Snippet) (提供)
9.Millzy Speaks (Interlude) (提供)
10.Young, Black, And Gifted (提供)
11.I Get It In (提供)
12.My Life (提供)
Politics as Usual 英文
1.Streetz Melting
3.I Like That
Dead Presidents (Mixtape) 英文
1.Green Goblin
暫存 英文
1.No No No
2.My Swag
3.Guy Fisher
4.Rude Boy
5.Tip Drill
6.Need Some Brains
8.It's On
9.Exhibit M
10.I Got Em
11.This Is Why I'm Hot
13.Bring It Back (feat. Jada Kiss)

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