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Harry Chapin( 哈里查賓 )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 214 首歌 】
Harry Forster Chapin(1942年12月7日 - 1981年7月16日)是一位美國創作歌手,人道主義者和製作人,以其民謠搖滾和流行搖滾歌曲而聞名,他們在20世紀70年代取得了全球性的成功,並成為最受歡迎的歌曲之一藝術家和收入最高的表演者。他也是美國最好的音樂藝術家之一。 Chapin是格萊美獎獲獎藝術家和格萊美名人堂成員,在全球銷售了超過1600萬張唱片,被譽為音樂史上最受歡迎的表演者之一。


作為一名敬業的人道主義者,他努力結束世界飢餓;他是1977年設立世界飢餓總統委員會的主要參與者。他被譽為20世紀70年代最具政治和社會活力的美國表演者。 1987年,Chapin因其人道主義工作被追授國會金質獎章。
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Best Of Harry Chapin 英文
1.Old College Avenue
2.Old Folkie
3.On The Road To Kingdom Come
4.Poor Damned Fool
5.The Parade's Still Passing By
Best Of Harry Chapin 3 英文
3.Corey's Coming
4.Dance Band On The Titanic
5.Dancing Boy
6.Flowers Are Red
7.If My Mary Were Here
8.I Miss America
9.Legends Of The Lost And Found
10.Mr Tanner
11.The Day They Closed The Factory Down
Sniper And Other Love Songs 英文
1.A Better Place To Be
3.Woman Child
4.Burning Herself
5.Barefoot Boy
6.And the Baby Never Cries
7.Winter Song
9.Sunday Morning Sunshine
Verities And Balderdash 英文
The Last Protest Singer 英文
1.Last of the Protest Singers
2.Silly Little Girl
3.I Don't Want to Be President
4.A Quiet Little Love Affair
6.Word Wizard
7.Sounds Like America to Me
8.Last Stand
9.Basic Protest Song
10.November Rains
The Gold Medal Collection 英文
1.Cat's In The Cradle - Live Version
2.She Sings Without Words
3.There Was Only One Choice (Edited Version)
4.Mr. Tanner (Edited Live Version)
5.Circle (Live Version)
6.W*O*L*D* - Edited Live Version
7.Cat's In the Cradle
The Bottom Line Archive Series (Live 1981) 英文
1.Story of a Life (Live)
2.Mail Order Annie (Live)
3.Sniper (Intro) (Live)
4.You Are the Only Song (Live)
5.A Better Place to Be (Live)
6.Mr. Tanner (Live)
7.W*o*l*d* (Live)
8.Let Time Go Lightly (Live)
9.Cat's in the Cradle (Live)
10.Dreams Go By (Live)
11.Circle (Live)
12.Halfway to Heaven (Live)
13.Flowers Are Red (Intro) (Live)
14.I Miss America (Live)
15.Mercenaries (Live)
16.I Want to Learn a Love Song (Live)
17.Mismatch (Live)
18.Remember When the Music (Live)
19.Sequel (Live)
20.Up on the Shelf (Intro) (Live)
21.If My Mary Were Here (Intro) (Live)
22.Bluesman (Live)
23.Paint a Picture of Yourself
Portrait Gallery 英文
Live in New York, 1978 英文
1.Shooting Star (Live)
2.If You Want to Feel (Live)
3.Poor Damned Fool (Live)
4.Bummer (Live)
5.Why Do Little Girls (Live)
6.Caroline (Live)
7.My Old Lady (Live)
Heads And Tales 英文
Greatest Stories Live 英文
1.Dreams Go By [Live 1975 Version]
3.Cat's in the Cradle
4.The Shortest Story [Live 1975 Version]
5.Love Is Just Another Word [Live 1975 Version]
6.She Is Always Seventeen [Live 1975 Version]
7.30,000 Pounds Of Bananas [Live 1975 Version]
8.Circle [Live 1975 Version]
9.Cat's In The Cradle [Live 1975 Version]
10.Let Time Go Lightly [Live 1975 Version]
11.A Better Place To Be [Live 1975 Version]
12.Mr. Tanner [Live 1975 Version]
13.I Wanna Learn A Love Song [Live 1975 Version]
14.Saturday Morning [Live 1975 Version]
15.W*O*L*D* [Live 1975 Version]
Dance Band On The Titanic 英文
Cat’s In The Cradle ... Live ‘77 (Live At Huff Gym, University Of Illinois, 27/3/77) 英文
1.Paint A Picture Of Yourself (Michael) - Live
2.Odd Job Man - Live
3.They Call Her Easy - Live
4.Tangled Up Puppet - Live
5.Someone Keeps Calling My Name - Live
6.W.O.L.D. - Live
7.Cat's In The Cradle - Live
Best Of Harry Chapin 2 英文
1.Stranger With The Melodies
2.The Mayor Of Candor Lied
3.There Only Was One Choice
4.Up On A Shelf
6.You Are The Only Song
暫存1 英文
1.Why Do Little Girls
4.My Old Lady
5.Story Of A Life [Live]
7.Dance Band On the Titanic
8.I Miss America [Live]
9.Somebody Said
10.If You Want to Feel
11.Why Should People Stay The Same
14.Dancin' Boy
15.Could You Put Your Light On, Please
16.Sometime, Somewhere Wife
17.Mercenaries [Live]
18.Odd Job Man
19.We Were Three
20.Mr. Tanner
21.I Want To Learn A Love Song [Live]
22.Mr. Tanner [Live]
23.Dirt Gets Under the Fingernails
24.'30,000 Pounds of Bananas'
25.What Made America Famous?
26.I Want to Learn a Love Song
27.Dreams Go By
28.Old Folkie [Live]
29.Mismatch [Live]
30.Fall in Love with Him
31.I Wanna Learn a Love Song
32.Roll Down the River
33.I Do It for You, Jane
34.Song for Myself
35.Halfway to Heaven
36.W*O*L*D* [Live]
37.And the Baby Never Cries
38.Burning Herself
39.Everybody's Lonely
40.Shooting Star
41.Country Dreams
42.Get On With It
43.Same Sad Singer
44.A Better Place to Be
45.She Sings Songs Without Words
46.I Wonder What Would Happen to This World
47.Any Old Kind Of Day
48.Sequel [Live]
49.Star Tripper
50.Mail Order Annie
51.Cat's In The Cradle [Live]
52.Remember When The Music (Reprise)
53.Story of a Life
54.Stop Singing These Sad Songs
55.There Only Was One Choice
56.Pretzel Man
58.I Wonder What Happened to Him
59.Danceband On The Titanic
60.A Better Place
61.Remember When the Music
62.Six String Orchestra
63.Tangled Up Puppet
65.Shortest Story
67.The Rock
68.It Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains
69.On the Road to Kingdom Come
70.If My Mary Were Here
72.Laugh Man
73.God Babe, You've Been Good For Me
77.Short Stories
78.There's Alot of Lonely People Tonight
79.Someone Keeps Calling My Name
暫存 英文
1.Taxi [Live]
2.W O L D
3.We Grew Up a Little Bit
4.She Is Always Seventeen
6.Thirty Thousand Pounds Of Bananas
7.They Call Her Easy
8.One Light in a Dark Valley
9.Dirty Old Man
10.Saturday Morning
11.It Seems You Love Me When It Rains
12.Thirty Tousand Pounds Of Bananas
13.Could You Put Your Light On Please?
14.The Same Sad Singer
15.All My Lifes A Circle
16.Better Place To Be
17.The Shortest Story
18.The Story Of A Life
19.Cat's In The Cradle (Remastered LP Version)
20.Vacancy (45 Version)
21.Please Come To Boston
22.Cats In The Cradle (45 Version)
23.If Mary Were Here
24.Flowers Are Red (Edited Version)
25.Northwest 222
26.Salt and Pepper
27.I Finally Found It Sandy
28.30,000 Lbs. of Bananas

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