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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Field Mob
Field Mob【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 59 首歌 】
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From Tha Roota To Tha Toota 英文
1.Sick of Being Lonely
2.Betty Rocker
3.Cut Loose
4.Don't Want No Problems
6.Nothing 2 Lose
7.Where R U Going?
8.All I Know
9.It's H***
10.Bitter Broads
11.ConverHation (提供)
12.Hit It for Free
13.Kuntry Cooking (提供)
Light Poles And Pine Trees 英文
1.I Hate You
2.1, 2, 3
3.Georgia (Explicit)
暫存 英文
1.Bitter Broads (Interlude)
2.Can't Stop Us
3.Channel 613, Pt. 1
4.Cheatin' On We
5.ConverHation (skit)
7.Da' Durty
8.Dead In Your Chevy
9.Dimez - Jazzy B's
10.Hey Shawty
11.It's Hell
12.My Main Roni
13.Project Dreamz
14.Shake Sumpthin'
15.Shake Sumpthin''(feat. Paparue
16.Hey Shawty [feat. Suthern Klic]
17.Sick Of Being Lonely (Remix)'(feat. Trina
18.So What
20.Channel 613, Part 1
21.My Wheels [Album Version (Explicit)]
22.So What (Radio Version)
23.Baby Bend Over
24.Don'T Want No Problems
25.Da' Dirty
26.Area Code 229
27.Area Code 229 [Album Version (Explicit)]
28.Eat 'Em Up, Beat 'Em Up
29.At the Park
30.Pistol Grip
31.I Hate You [Album Version (Explicit)]
32.Georgia [Album Version (Explicit)]
33.'1,2,3 '
35.Blacker The Berry
36.'Eat 'Em Up, Beat 'Em Up '
37.Sick of Being Lonely (Dirty South Mix)
38.K.A.N. (Kuntry Ass Niggahs)
39.My Wheels
40.Channel 613, Pt. 1 (LP Version)
41.Sick of Being Lonely (LP Version)
42.So What (feat. Ciara) (Promo Only clean edit)

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