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Ortopilot【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 58 首歌 】
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Covers Album, Vol. 16 (Sixteen) 英文
1.Karma Police
3.Hold On We're Going Home
Covers Album, Vol. 15 2012 Advent Calendar 英文
1.You Can Call Me Al (acoustic version)
2.Pumped Up Kicks (acoustic version)
3.Yellow (acoustic version)
4.You've Got a Friend In Me (acoustic version)
5.Too Close (acoustic version)
6.This Is the Last Time (acoustic version)
Covers Album Vol. 15 (Fifteen) : 2012 Advent Calendar Pt. 3 英文
1.You Can Call Me Al
2.Pumped Up Kicks
3.You've Got A Friend In Me
Covers Album Vol. 14 (Fourteen) : 2012 Advent Calendar Pt. 2 英文
1.Black and Gold
2.Grow Old With You
3.Black & Gold (acoustic version)
4.Grow Old With You (acoustic version)
5.Love Is the Law (acoustic version)
7.Fields of Gold (acoustic version)
Covers Album Vol. 13 (Thirteen) : 2012 Advent Calendar Pt. 1 英文
1.There She Goes - acoustic
2.Sweet Dreams
3.Golden Brown (acoustic version)
4.Basket Case (acoustic version)
Covers Album Vol. 11 (Eleven) : 2011 Advent Calendar Pt. 2 英文
2.Make You Feel My Love
3.Wherever You Will Go
4.People Help The People
Covers Album Vol. 09 (Nine) 英文
1.Set Fire To The Rain
2.Someone Like You
3.Mack the Knife (acoustic version)
4.The a Team (acoustic version)
5.Just the Way You Are (acoustic version)
6.Someone Like You (acoustic version)
Covers Album Vol. 07 (Seven) : 2010 Advent Calendar Pt. 2 英文
1.Bohemian Rhapsody
2.Only You
3.I Will Always Love You
4.Sound Of The Underground
Covers Album Vol. 06 (Six) : 2010 Advent Calendar Pt. 1 英文
1.Moon River
2.I Wanna Hold Your Hand
3.Mad World
4.Another Day In Paradise
Covers Album Vol. 01 (One) 英文
1.Time Is Running Out
2.Let's Stay Together
3.All Star
4.Mr Brightside
5.Drops of Jupiter
6.Time Is Running Out (Tiro)
暫存 英文
1.Thinking Out Loud
2.The One
3.Little Lion Man
4.My Immortal
5.Viva La Vida
6.Fix You
8.I'm Yours
10.Stay (acoustic version)
11.Fly Me To the Moon

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