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Billy Bragg


Billy Bragg

God's Footballer

作詞:Billy Bragg

God's footballer hears the voices of angels
Above the choir at Molineux
God's footballer stands on the doorstep
And brings the Good News of the Kingdom to come

While the crowd sing 'Rock of Ages'
The goals bring weekly wages
Yet the glory of the sports pages
Is but the worship of false idols and tempts him not

God's footballer turns on a sixpence
And brings the great crowd to their feet in praise of him
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God's footballer quotes from the Gospels
While knocking on doors in the Black Country back streets

He scores goals on a Saturday
And saves souls on a Sunday
For the Lord says, ‽These are the last days
Prepare thyself for the judgment yet to come”

His career will be over soon
And the rituals of a Saturday afternoon
Bid him a reluctant farewell
For he knows beyond the sport lies the spiritual


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