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Talking Heads


Talking Heads

Happy Day - 2005 Remastered Version

In... my... sensations
I believe that I... was
born with the things I know
I want... to talk
Like ev'ry
Before I decide what to do
And I fell over and I
couldn't stand up
I can't be critical
I can't won't stop
Such a happy day
for me
Bring a happy day
to me
Send a happy day
to me
And a happy day
came to me, come to me, here it comes

Im... only... looking
Feel like my heart
has a will of its own
I feel... feel nice inside
right here
and not it's summer again

The story that I told
The story I made up
I was foolin' around but I
can't won't stop
Such a happy day
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for me
Bring a happy day
to me
Send a happy day
to me
And a happy day
come to me, come to me, here it comes...

This... boy... is in motion
Some density
moved right beside me
I want
My sentence
Right here
But now I'm far away

A sign was given but
many years have passed
Cost a little bit to love you but I
won't can't stop
Such a happy day
for me
bring a happy day
to me
send a happy day
to me
and a happy day
came to me, come to me, here it comes...
It's alright


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