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Ani Difranco


專輯名稱:Red Letter Year

'I've got myself a new mantra,' Ani DiFranco shares on her new studio album. 'It says `Don't forget to have a good time.'' This attitude has clearly influenced the dozen tunes on Red Letter Year, which celebrate existence, profess love and tackle thorny political issues with an infectious sense of glee. It's one of Ani's most joyous records to date.

And it has been a long time coming. Red Letter Year was sculpted over the course of two years, a period in which Ani continued to hone her songwriting, performing and recording skills, all the while balancing her new role as a mom. 'I think I sorely needed to be slowed down, and finally a little person came along powerful enough to do it,' Ani reflects. The end result is an album of focused, layered, panoramic music.

Ani's band - upright bassist Todd Sickafoose, vibraphonist/percussionist Mike Dillon and drummer Allison Miller - is a major source of Red Letter Year's singular personality. On 'Emancipated Minor,' Miller's driving beat tethers to Ani's killer electric guitar hook, while Sickafoose's bass adds the perfect counterpoint to Ani's acoustic guitar work on 'Way Tight'. And on 'Alla This,' Dillon's vibes are as rich and open-minded as Ani's defiant, anthemic lyrics.

Add to the inspired, re-invigorated Ani the uncanny production skills of Napolitano (Joseph Arthur, The Twilight Singers, Squirrel Nut Zippers), the otherworldly string arrangements of long time collaborator Sickafoose, and the inspired playing of guests such as Jon Hassell on trumpet (Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Ry Cooder), and you've got the makings of a DiFranco classic.

Ani DiFranco生於美國紐約州的Buffalo,1989年開始她的音樂事業,在九十年代,她以最具影響力與啟發性的女英雄偶像的姿態出現,一直以來都成功地與主流唱片公司相抗衡著,她遵循絕對的DIY原則,自己建立獨立廠牌Righteous Babe發行自己的作品。她的事業發展速度雖然緩慢,但通過全年無休的巡演力量穩定地建立了一群忠實的Blueglass跟隨者。身為熱情的女性主義者,她的歌曲以深刻的洞察力與理解、同情,墮胎與性別歧視等內容為主,真實的面對自己的音樂和自己的思想,敢於直白的道出一般人由於膽怯或虛偽而無法說出的社會事實。作為歌手與詞曲創作者,她的作品充滿了自我坦白與刻骨銘心的誠實,因而也讓音樂有著一種自我與憤怒的力量。Ani DiFranco 曾多次獲格萊美獎。