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Scissor Sisters

Doctor (I'm Only Seeking Dark)

I, just want to sleep, sleep with you
In my bed, where are you, come to me
Where are you please, can you help me, Doctor please
Can you help me.

Doctor, can you help me, I got a broken heart
Gonna have defenses, I'm only seeing dark, I got some regulations
Is this your occupation, Can you help me, I'm only seeing dark
I'm only seeing dark, Help me

I, thought it'd change, change for good.
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Good or bad: I was wrong
Gonna counter, where I am, can you help me

Doctor, will you tell me, I had a dreamer heart, I think I was mistaken
I'm only seeing dark, because of complications, is this a simulation
Can you help me, I'm only seeing dark, I'm only seeing dark

One light in the medical line, dark outside, never burned so bright,
I'm fine I'm fine, I can step in time, push from pause, but just rewind