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Hank Snow


Hank Snow

The Convict And The Rose

Within my prison cell so dreary
i sit alone with achin' heart
i'm dreamin' of my little darlin'
from her forever, i must part
The rose she sent me as a token
she sent it just to lighten my gloom
and tell me that her heart was broken
and cheer me before i meet my doom
She wrote i picked it from the garden,
where once we wandered side by side.
now you hold no hope of pardon,
and i can never be your bride.
The judge would not believe my story
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the jury said i had to pay
and with the rose in all its glory
'not guilty' was all that i could say
Goodbye, sweetheart, for in the morning
to meet my maker i must go
and when i die at daylight's dawnin'
against my heart they'll find this rose
Within my prison cell so dreary
i sit alone with achin' heart
i'm dreamin' of my little darlin'
from her forever, i must part


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