Your Time Is Your Own 歌詞 Sam Brown ※
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Sam Brown


Sam Brown

Your Time Is Your Own

We were in a bar, you and I
The room was dull and brown, just like the sky
The clock went tick tock
With its hands on my hands
Conversation was a farce, we were off in cuckoo land

Everybody knows
When you're wasting your time, it's your own
Does it matter though?
It always has been that way
Any wind that blows
Can change the face of things as you know them
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Everybody knows
Your time is your own
Your time is your own

The other day I slept for twenty one hours
The bedroom was light and filled with fragrant flowers
My subconcious needed to be left alone
I took the time to take my time
And make myself at home

(Repeat Chorus Twice)