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Sam Brown


Sam Brown

Now And Forever

作詞:Pete Brown, Samantha Brown, Matthew Seligman

Let's take a walk in the park
Where we first said 'Hello'
Maybe borrow a dream for hour
And sooner or later from nothing forget-me-nots grow

But love grows much faster than flowers
With daisies and roses
And red lips and valentine pearls
Ticker tape tears all alone in tortoise shell world

La la la
We'll be together
For now and forever

Lavender lollipops lilies and bush lullabies
All spin in a circular motion, the logic is lovely
But sometimes it wears a disguise
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You can find it in all this commotion

Then hope on a motorbike
Holding a torch to her eye
She says nothing is easy
But everything is going to be alright

La la la
We'll be together
For now and forever

The stars up above
Will keep running on love
And we'll be together
For now and forever