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Stock Horses

Now that you mention stock horses and some of the good ones we've known
My memory goes back to old swagman the pick of all Queensland that roan
Yes you're right that is quite a tall order but I rode the swagman not you
Mark my words that old horse was a champion among all the good ones we knew

It's a long while ago I'm not sure now of the name of that big dappled grey
And that good Arab stallion Carnarvon then owned remember we called him Ishmay
What became of that mare we named music oh remember the baldy face bay
She was foaled in the same year as sister what a price they would both fetch today, hey

And another I think we named pistol would you ever forget old Karoo
That's the chestnut that threw every ringer I believe this included me too
Did you ever draft bullocks on gunman or take a night watch on old scamp
Now there was a gem in the timber when bad cattle rushed from the camp
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Wait I almost missed naming another was it banjo yeah that was his name
And you christened him that when I broke him half brother to music and game
Through the scrub he was worth a king's ransom not many like banjo were bred
He was not much to look at not handsome with his small and pony like head

You're a bloke who has been amongst horses did you ever ride better than they
that we bred with the dash of the Arab oh they don't come as good mate today
Bring your swag over here by the horse yard let's turn in the hour is late
Kick the end of that log on the fire and call me for breakfast old mate
Kick the end of that log on the fire and call me for breakfast old mate


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