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Fanfare For The Common Man/Woman

作詞:David Lachlan Thrussell

Whats happening to me?
I feel my self giving in
Letting them have their way
I don't feel like fighting them anymore

I think I'm not as worried
About what happens anymore
I seem to see some comfort in the way
Everything is being planned for me

I never have to worry about what to do
Maybe this is the best way
I'm supposed to be free now
Letting them worry about taking care of me

I have no more problems, they have them all
Yeah, I do feel more relaxed
Maybe relaxed enough to smile
Maybe even to laugh, I want to laugh
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To laugh, I'm free

Laugh, yes, laugh
Thats what we want you to do
You're right to give in, we want you to quit
We wanted you to give in all your life

We're glad you stopped resisting
You must now realize theres more to life than love
We're so glad you've finally realized
How hopeless this has all been

You cant escape the military
Its all been planned
Since the day you we're born

Don't hate the state
And don't hate me
But be careful not to love either


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