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Martha's Trouble


Martha's Trouble

My Innonence

Come into my world she said
Where I am queen and you can be king
I like to go to this place she said
'cause there I am safe

She opens the door to her closet
And her imagination runs wild
No one else has been here before she said
Would you like to come inside

Pour me out of my innocence
Pour me down once again
Help me believe in this fairytale
Or make me forget

There's a castle outside her bedroom walls
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With everything a little girl would love
It embraces the thoughts of a better life
Where she'll never be alone

And as she gets a little tired
She comes back to her place on the floor
But she'll be back here in while
Where she wears this beautiful crown

And I know that it sits all around me
I can see it in the eyes of a child
I'm amazed to have not let go
And it's easy to see why