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Matty Brutality


Matty Brutality

Levels Remix

sometimes you get that feeling sometimes you just want want love to
click clack let it go and if its real itll come back to you
sometimes its feelings you never had before
but since you experienced it you gonna want it some more
welcome to my life welcome to the fast life
where were never home always party at night
team cali kids we run this at night
team brutal we hustle were all fight
im on some different levels trust me im above you
i got here no stairs but with lols and i love yous
time to switch it up put my foot to the ground
here i go now i got to perfect the sound
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standin right in front of the crowd never let them blink or close there eyelids
forget being runner up im never 2nd in my book
ill be the first one up trust me yeah thats whats up
matty b and skrillex on the track
you know how it goes yeah just like that
bizness and play, play and bizness
for my sin i pray for forgiveness
i only wear a jesus piece
hes king of kings
trust me im a witness