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Kim Carnes


Kim Carnes

Waiting for the Pain to Go Away

I'm waiting for the pain to go away
I though maybe that this would be the day
At noon I tried a little smile
Then I sat down and cried a while
Just waiting for the pain to go away

If I could only get you off my mind
But these old memories treat me so unkind
The way you laughed your gentle smile
Still makes me love you oh, so much
I know that I can't get you off of my mind

I see happy lovers everywhere I go
Sharing dreams in a world for two
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He holds her hand and she holds his
They never know how good love is
We lost the only chance for me and you

So I'm waiting for the pain to go away
But I'm afraid the blues are here to stay
Not many loves like ours around
So easily lost, so rarely found
Just waiting for the pain to go away

To go away


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