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East Of Eden


East Of Eden


There I lay beneath the dirt
Inside a casket hand crafted for me by the world
I almost had as much hope as the air I could breathe
You swooped down and tore open the ground
fierce was your pursuit for me
By then I was just dust and dry bones

But I was made whole by your carpentry
and moulded by your father's pottery
now I can never look back at my cemetary
except to call out to those who shared it with me
with hope in my chest and faith in my feet
I slowly make my way to you

On the wings of the wind you flew down
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bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders
You chose neither gold nor precious stone
but thornes and thistles fit for a king
Though you were surrounded by a cloud of blackness
a great white light shone from within
And from your sanctuary you heard me cry out
So you stood on the edge of the world with open arms

Now I stand sure-footed as the deer
I exist to know your love

As I look toward the sky I wait for the thunder from heaven
for I know my home is not far