Mount Of Olives 歌詞 East Of Eden ※
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East Of Eden


East Of Eden

Mount Of Olives

'I used to know this city'
I whispered to myself
the brisk wind stole away each word
as I spoke it into the air

In the coldness of the early evening
with my head down and eyes glazed
I made my way from the city gates
on the dusty road that stretched on,
on toward to the Mountain of Olives

With every step reality would move
further towards the throne room of my mind;
which holds my fragile gem
the gem I call the acceptance of truth

For ever since the first day
that very day they welcomed me
with palm branches and loud praises
I hoped that they could know me
and I could know them.
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I used to know this city
I knew that they would need my life.
But that was years ago.

Yes I had given them the Bond of Peace
After that painful day in Golgotha
and those cold days in hell
We all had hope for them
I offered a way out

But now they're worse than before
They can't even love each other
their swords are in the way
They can't see me with blindfolds
O Jerusalem
the city that killed the one who brings life

The one who brings life.