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Thanks For The Good Times

I am only a man and there is no reason
To try to be anything more
I set my sails, successfully failed
Down with the ship
And I've washed ashore
So many disasters can happen so fast
But there's hope, stay afloat
And so the story goes

Just wanna thank you
For all the good times that I've had
You have been a friend to me
It all starts when I realize the beach
Ain't the end of the world

I got that treasure map
When I leave, not looking back
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If should die in my own wake
They could say I tried and took chance
To live for my own sake

At first the ocean recedes
Revealing the earth, so inviting
Beckons me to the floor
I step from the sand
Tsunami is rising
It blots out the sun
But I stand for the war
I can hear seagulls
They're flying in circles
To see me defeated
And so the story goes