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The Blueprint


The Blueprint

The Clouds

My momma see the clouds and wonder when she getting there
Like she done done it all, looking up at heavens' stairs
Everybody's time coming, better get prepared
I see the clouds
and feel at home, cause my head is there
Life is but a dream,
live if fore it disappear
The parade will pass you by if you sit
and stare
My mans told me that my talent levels very rare
But just having talent aint enough to get you there
While you
was out there chasing girls and drinking beer
Somebody else
was out there really getting theirs
You gotta turn it up if you
wanna win this year
I said “Hell yeah. That's all I need to
My bio says Ohio, I handle business here
Athough I
aint been inspired by it in a year
Too tired of the infighting with
my peers
While our mouths was running, the art was sitting
All this beef only stops us from getting bread
We just
getting by, we never get ahead
Consider this rhyme the realest
shit I ever said
gotta go for mine cause I ain't got 50 years
All we wanna do is talk about shoes and gear
Sounding like
chicks talking about their nails and hair
I guess it's easier than
talking about what's really there
We lost three Columbus icons
within a year
So I ain't about to do the same record, different
I used to be in that lane, but now I'm steering clear
ain't gassed up, I'm just switching gears
Cause in this game
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going slow won't get you anywhere
I want the illest crib even
though I'm barely here
I ride through the flyest neighborhoods
just to stare
Feeling like I can't chill until I'm living there
you feel me let me see a finger in the air
Every year I swear
the haters get more vocal
Dudes is calling me fake because
I'm not social
But this can come to an end if I'm not focused
So if it aint about the biz then it's not important
I don't care
about the after-party that you hosting
I don't care about the
softwhite and who snorts it
I don't care about the fist fight and
who caught it
Cause at the end of the day, man that's all gossip
Fuck all the drama, I'm a real artist
I do this shit without any
feedback or comments
I'll diss anybody from the largest to
the smallest
And they wont say shit because my album is the
I'll start in '88, then bring you up to date
Then skip
ten years ahead so you don't have to wait
I'm what the future
sounds like and I'mma make you see it
I'm so ahead of the
game that people think I'm cheating
But once you really see it,
it aint all that hard
The rap games like vegas, I'm just countin
Sittin at the table, bout to defy the odds
And I aint
scared at all, because the world is ours