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You stood in a dress, on a meadow, in the dark
The wind blew the leaves out of the trees and through your hair
You thought it was cold when the night fell
You took me apart from the rest, just to tell me

a-ah, o-oh, o-oh, oh You would be leaving, heading for the door
Then it hit me, that you told me what I was afraid for
I said: 'Don't leave, because you keep me going.'
You spoke to me, whispering, softly

a-ah, o-oh, o-oh, oh Eliza, you are so important to me
You're my best friend and there's no one else who I'd rather wanted it to be
I hope that we will keep in touch, when you're gone
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'Cause I would break down, when there would be none

a-ah, o-oh, o-oh, oh You tell me not to worry and I try just the same
I can't stop loving you in a friendly way
Because you mean a lot to me, if not everything
You're the only one I'd care about, 'cause there's nobody like you

And so, we moved on, we embrace
This might be the last time I see your face
But you will always live on in my heart
It has been like that since the very start