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Some By Sea


Some By Sea

A Book and No Disasters

We were able-minded once
But guilt doesn't open doors
So we toss our fits of charm
And i muscle my way into a desperate situation
Too many times to count

And some day we will gather up
For an hour or two and shake our hands
Until then, i resign my post
As a daydream you can't hide
But at least i cut myself off from
The words left on the table for all to see

This is where i left the group
There were trees without a whisper
And the sound was deafening
This is how i spend my time
With a book and no disasters
And we fail each time we meet

And some day when the pen decides
That we're old enough
I hope you ask again
And how far is pretty far?
Well it's pretty far
Too far for you

But at least i'm half-way healthy
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Though i'm still spineless as a scenester
At least i've got some friends
Who prop me up at night for dinner

At least i found the love scene
In the film about my parents
They cradle their discussions
Like they're afraid to drop their children

At least my eyes were closed
When you said this world is just too spacious
At least i lost a love
When i was barely out of context

At least i saved your seat once
Until you threw up all your homework
The best part wasn't ruined
I just held onto it for safety

At least my dreams aren't wrapped up
In that pension you've been saving
At least i pray at night
To something other than the ceiling

Oh oh oh