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Socialized Crucifixion


Socialized Crucifixion

Anarchists Unite

Well have our troubles, we all can relate, troubles in our homes caused by this fascist state.
You family's give you shit for being who you are, they still think it's a joke after you've come so far.
Your family harasses you for things you don't support, reminiscing about the little solider they had raised before.
So your family fucking leaves you and you've go no one to turn to, waste all your days away drunk and high on the streets
'No one understands' and 'No one fucken cares' my anarchist siblings wee the only ones that were there.
You say that I'm only being brainwashed by my music, well take a good look at yourself and you'll see that your the one.
You're unaware they've got you-you've fallen in their trap, don't count on me to follow your lea because I've set my on path.
You've tried to cage me up like a bid with broken wings, well let me tell you something now, you can't touch my beliefs!
So you fucked up in school, now what are you gonna do? looked on my a work-alcoholic don't you wish to start of new?
The love was there though not express you knew he really cared, but your eyes told you the story of neglect and hate.
when you have troubles at home, pour into the streets and find comfort in each other, our anarchist family.
comfort each other and give each other hope, don't let the system bring us down, violence and broken homes.
-Anarchist Unite!