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Sugar Ray is an American rock band from Newport Beach, California. Originally forming in 1986 and playing a heavier nu metal styled music, the band achieved mainstream popularity in 1997 with their more pop influenced single, 'Fly'. The song's success of which led the band to shift its style dramatically to the more radio-friendly pop sound with their subsequent releases. Their best-selling album, 14:59, was released in 1999, and featured popular singles 'Every Morning', 'Someday', followed by a self-titled album in 2001 featuring the single 'When It's Over'. The band would release two further albums, In the Pursuit of Leisure (2003) and Music for Cougars (2009), though the albums and respective singles generally sold far less. The band would continue to tour into the 2010s, though as of 2018, no further albums would be released by the band.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Highest Tree 2019-06
1.Highest Tree
簡單情歌 2 2013-05
1.Every Morning(新 hTC ONE 電視廣告曲)
Music For Cougars 2009
3.Dance Like No One's Watchin'
4.Girls Were Made To Love
5.Going Nowhere
6.Last Days
7.Love 101
8.Love Is The Answer
9.Morning Sun
11.She's Got The
12.When We Were Young
Greatest Hits 2005-06
1.When It's Over
3.Every Morning
5.Falls Apart
9.Answer The Phone
10.Mr.Bartender(It's So Easy)
11.Abracadabra (Sabrina The Teenage Witch Soundtrack 1998)
In The Pursuit Of Leisure 2003-06
1.Blues From A Gun
2.In Through The Doggie Door
3.She's Different
4.Whatever We Are
5.56 Hope Rd
6.Photograph Of You
7.Can't Start
8.Mr. Bartender(It's So Easy)
9.Bring Me The Head Of...
11.Is She Really Going Out With Him?
12.Chasin' You Around
14:59 1999
2.Aim For Me
3.Burning Dog
4.Even Though
5.Every Morning
6.Falls Apart
8.Live & Direct
9.New Direction
10.Ode To The Lonely Hearted
11.Personal Space Invader
Floored 1997
1.American Pig
6.High Anxiety
8.Right Direction
10.Speed Home California
11.Stand & Deliver
12.'Tap, Twist, Snap'
Lemonade And Brownies 1995
1.10 Seconds Down
3.Dance Party USA
4.Danzig Needs a Hug
5.Hold Your Eyes
6.Iron Mic
7.Mean Machine
8.One Brave Cowboy
9.Rhyme Stealer
11.Snug Harbor
13.The Greatest
1.Answer The Phone
The Best of Sugar Ray
1.Shot of Laughter (Previously Unreleased)
2.Time After Time (Previously Unreleased)
3.Psychedelic Bee (Previously Unreleased)
The Best Of Sugar Ray (US Release)
1.Answer The Phone - Remastered
2.RPM - Remastered
3.When It's Over - Remastered
4.Rhyme Stealer - Remastered
5.Falls Apart - Remastered
6.Mean Machine - Remastered
7.Under The Sun - Remastered
8.Someday - Remastered
9.Fly (feat. Super Cat) - Remastered Version
10.Is She Really Going Out With Him? - Remastered
Sugar Ray
1.Answer the Phone
2.Disaster Piece
3.Just A Little
6.Sorry Now
7.Stay On
8.Under the Sun
10.When It's Over
11.Words to Me
50 First Dates (OST)
1.Ghost In You
1.Rivers (Scream 2 Soundtrack 1997)
3.Spinning Away
4.Drive By
5.Reaching Out (Strait Up)
6.Fly'(feat. Super Cat
7.Words To Me (Ost. Scooby-Doo)
8.Live And Direct
9.American Pic
10.Mr Bartender
11.Little Saint Nick
12.Into Yesterday
13.Stand and Deliver
14.Big Black Woman
15.56 Hope Rd.
16.Dance Party U.S.A.
17.Shot Of Laughter
18.Ode To The Lonely Heart
19.I Just Want To Fly
20.She's Got The (Woo-Hoo)
21.56 Hope Road
22.Spinning Away (The Beach Soundtrack 2000)
23.Burnin' Dog (Avengers Soundtrack 1998)
24.Cold Metal (Iggy Pop Tribute Album 1997)
25.Little Saint Nick (Best Of Kevin&Bean 1997)
26.Live & Direct [feat. KRS-ONE]
27.When It's Over (David Kahne Main Album Version)
28.Every Morning (Remastered LP Version)
29.Fly (Live from Spain)
30.Every Morning (LP Version)
31.Falls Apart (Album Version)
32.Burnin' Dog (Don't Pet A)
33.Silver Bells

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