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Codes 2019-07
Papercuts 2016
1.Papercuts (feat. Vera Blue)
Cinematic 2013
1.Save Me (Featuring Daniel Merriweather) (Provided)
2.YoYo (Featuring Drapht) (Provided)
3.Am Yours
5.More Than Gold (Provided)
6.Youngbloods (Featuring Ahren Stringer)
7.On & On
8.Coming Down (Featuring Hilltop Hoods) (Provided)
9.No Tomorrow
11.Talk (Featuring Kira Puru) (Provided)
12.Opening Night
13.One For The City (Featuring Thomas Jules) (Provided)
Bring It Back 2012
1.Heard It All
2.Bring It Back
3.All the Above
4.Where Ya Been
5.Back, Back, Forward
6.The Real (Provided)
7.Where Is My Mind, Pt. 2
8.Check It Out (Provided)
9.Say It to Me (Provided)
10.The Bridge (Provided)
11.Coming Home
12.6 Shooter (Provided)
Long Story Short 2009
1.Generation Y
2.Black Cap Rap (feat. Pegz) (Provided)
3.Full Tank (Provided)
4.My Way (Provided)
5.Rock Star S**t (Provided)
7.This or That (Provided)
8.Our Country
9.Red Light / Green Light (feat. Spit Syndicate, Solo & Cisco Tavares) (Provided)
10.Brother (Provided)
11.For You (feat. Phrase & N'Fa) (Provided)
12.Dumb It Down (Provided)
13.Long Story Short (feat. Cisco Tavares)
14.All Around the World (feat. Kulaia) (Provided)
The Chase
2.Guess I Could
3.It Can Wait
4.On The Bus
6.Without A Doubt
7.We Don't Care
8.Numbers Game
9.Feel Something
10.Put Em In The Air
12.The Chase
13.I Know
14.Same Number, Same Hood
1.One False Move (feat. Cowboy Troy) (Provided)
2.Where Ya Been (feat. Pez)
3.Mama Told Me Not to Come (feat. Soulogik) (Provided)
4.Tightrope - Live from triple j's One Night Stand Mildura
5.Cinematic (Live from triple j's One Night Stand Mildura)
6.Swear Jar
7.Tightrope (feat. Scarlett Stevens)

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