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'Somewhere Over My Head', Bentuk Evolusi dari Greyson Chance
2016-10-16 – Mendengar 「Back on the Wall」 rasanya kaget ketika mengetahui suara serak dibalik itu adalah Greyson ...
Greyson Chance And Frank Pole's 'Anything' Will Make You Want To ...
A few months after dropping his EP Somewhere Over My Head, 19-year-old Greyson Chance is back with a brand new single. The former viral "Paparazzi" ...
Buro Backseat: Greyson Chance sings new single, No Fear and ...
One of Ellen DeGeneres' all time favourite discoveries, Greyson Chance is back in Singapore, all grown up with new music to share.
See How Much Greyson Chance Has Grown Up
You likely remember singer Greyson Chance as the young performer who took Ellen DeGeneres – and everyone's! – breath away with his Ellen show ...
Greyson Chance says Manila fans a 'great crowd'
Greyson Chance said he has always enjoyed performing for his Filipino fans since they are a 「great crowd.」 Photo courtesy of Joshua ...
Greyson Chance fans ecstatic to catch a glimpse of charming singer
EXCITABLE fans of American singer-songwriter Greyson Chance screamed their lungs out as the teenage heartthrob made his maiden ...
IN PHOTOS: Greyson Chance plays a show to remember for PH fans
He performs original songs with a pop style of his own – think Sam Smith meets Nick Jonas. (WATCH: Greyson Chance in Rappler Live Jam ...
Greyson Chance live on Rappler
Greyson Chance live on Rappler. Thank you for voting ... Now, Greyson Chance is 19 and back with his own music. He visited Rappler to ...
That time a PH fan bit Greyson Chance, and more fun facts
MANILA, Philippines – You might have come across Greyson Chance over the radio without realizing it – his single, "Back on the Wall" was ...
Aura kedewasaan Greyson Chance
ENAM tahun lalu, penyanyi kelahiran Oklahoma, Amerika Syarikat, Greyson Chance pernah mencetuskan fenomena dalam kalangan peminat ...
Greyson Chance now back in Manila
From a 12-year old Youtube sensation to now 18 years old heartthrob singer, Greyson Chance is now in his second visit in Manila to promote ...
[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Greyson Chance
His cover of Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi' went viral when he was 12. Now 18, he's back with new music and he's ready to meet his Filipino fans ...
Pride Festival, Greyson Chance, and more in this weekend's event ...
The musician and former viral YouTube sensation Greyson Chance is back in Manila to promote his new EP, 「Somewhere Over My Head,」 and ...
Greyson Chance is all grown up and ready to be more than just ...
Asia picPETALING JAYA, June 23 — Six years ago, 12-year-old Greyson Chance swept the world away with his take of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi ...
Greyson Chance performs at Menara Star
It was the chance of a lifetime for The Star readers to get up close and personal with American singer Greyson Chance. In conjunction with the ...
葛瑞森變「小鮮肉」 粉絲高呼:你是我爸
吉隆坡20日訊)美國歌手葛瑞森Greyson Chance)在過去5年內暴風成長,從「小童星」變「小鮮肉」,坦承在閃光燈下長大一度迷失,但現在堅定對 ...
Singer Greyson Chance gets in on Chickaboo craze
PETALING JAYA: The much-publicised story of runaway ostrich, Chickaboo, caught the eye of American singer Greyson Chance, who is in ...
Artist Spotlight: Greyson Chance
For those who aren't familiar, Greyson Chance's initial claim to fame came about in 2010. A video of him performing a cover of Lady Gaga's 「Paparazzi」 at his ...
Remember Greyson Chance? Here are 50 things to remind you who
Greyson Chance will be in Malaysia to promote his latest EP Somewhere Over My ... Greyson Chance performing in Kuala Lumpur in 2011.
10 Greyson Chance Acoustic Performances That Pulled At Our
Many of you will recognize Greyson Chance as the little boy with long bangs and a big voice who sang Lady Gaga's Paparazzi on Ellen– but ...
Greyson Chance: Getting a new chance at music
Greyson Chance says he has grown a lot in his musical and personal tastes and is more determined than ever. Photo: Universal Music ...
Indie Artist Spotlight: Greyson Chance
At just 15 years-old, Greyson Chance has accomplished more than many musicians can hope for in their careers; two successful North ...
YouTube star Greyson Chance to arrive in Msia next month
KUALA LUMPUR: Texas-born singer-songwriter and pianist Greyson Chance will be heading this way next month. The YouTube sensation will ...
Greyson Chance returns to Malaysia with new look and sound
So, forget about the sweet old Greyson Chance, because right now, the 18-year-old singer is a brand new guy, ready to take on the music ...
Greyson Chance to perform showcases in KL and Penang
Greyson Chance's new EP 'Somewhere Over My Head' is out now. — Handout via TheHive.AsiaKUALA LUMPUR, May 24 — Remember that ...
Greyson Chance: I Was 'Very Split' on Returning To Music
After getting a quick taste of fame in 2010 with his viral performance of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" and debut album the following year, Greyson ...
Greyson Chance Drops New EP 'Somewhere Over My Head
Greyson Chance's new EP, Somewhere Over My Head, just dropped and we're already obsessed with it! 「Considering that I haven't released a ...
格雷森·蔡斯Greyson Chance發新專輯Somewhere over My Head
Lady GaGa師弟、美國正太歌手Greyson Chance(格雷森.邁克爾.蔡斯;Greyson Michael Chance)於5月13日推出全新EP《Somewhere over My ...
WATCH LIVE: Musician Greyson Chance Dishes On His Upcoming
Musician Greyson Chance stops by HuffPost Video to discuss his new album titled, 「Somewhere Over My Head,」 which will be released on May ...
Greyson Chance to sing National Anthem at Sunday's LA Galaxy
To make matters even better, American singer, songwriter and pianist Greyson Chance will be singing the National Anthem ahead of the LA ...
Newcomer Greyson Chance: Konkurrenz für Bieber und Co.?
In den USA sorgte Newcomer Greyson Chance (18) bereits als Teenie von 12 Jahren (2010) für Aufruhr. Moderatorin Ellen DeGeneres (58) ...
Greyson Chance Grows Up With 'Back on the Wall' Video Lorde's
Anyone who opened a YouTube tab in 2010 knows the story of Greyson Chance. Greyson became a bona fide YouTube sensation after Ellen ...
Greyson Chance to perform at a rooftop gig in Serangoon
This year, myVillage is continuing the banner name with an exclusive show by American singer-songwriter sensation Greyson Chance.
EXCLUSIVE! Greyson Chance Performs His New Single Hit & Run
We've been fans of Greyson Chance for quite a while, so we were thrilled when he gave us an acoustic performance of Afterlife last November.
tyDi, Jack Novak & Greyson Chance Unveil 'Oceans': Exclusive
Initially known as being the teenager who blew everyone away with his piano rendition of Lady Gaga's 「Paparazzi,」 Greyson Chance has ...
Greyson Chance: Authenticity Appreciation
Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance stopped by AOL BUILD recently to discuss his career thus far. He's come a long way in six years. In 2009 ...
Greyson Chance Opens Up About Valentine's Day to J-14
Greyson Chance is definitely one of our dream Valentine's Day dates here at J-14, so of course we had to sit down and chat with him about the ...
Greyson Chance Grows Up: Former YouTube Star Stages an Adult
Last Monday night (Feb. 1), after Greyson Chance made his New York City stage return in front of a few hundred screaming fans at the Studio at ...
3 Update Greyson Chance di Dunia Musik
Greyson Chance sepertinya akan semakin aktif bermusik di 2016, nih. Terbukti dari tiga update sekaligus yang dia umumkan belum lama ini. Update pertama ...
Greyson Chance Announces New Show Dates & EP Release Date
The 18-year-old 「Afterlife」 singer just announced some pretty big things happening and JJJ is super excited for all of them! Check it:.
'Eu amo essa música', Greyson Chance sobre 'I'll Show You' em
A revista PEOPLE, publicou em sua rede online, um pequeno artigo sobre o cantor Greyson Chance. Chance teve suas primeiras aparições ...
'Paparazzi' singer Greyson Chance returns to music: 'This is a new me'
Back in 2010, a video of a sixth grader singing Lady Gaga's 「Paparazzi」 went viral. That sixth grader was Greyson Chance, who went on to ...
Afterlife, Singel Terbaru Greyson Chance
Greyson Chance sempat menjadi remaja sensasional berkat video penampilannya membawakan lagu Paparazzi milik Lady GaGa. Dia pun kemudian sukses ...
Greyson Chance imej kanak-kanak
SEKITAR tahun 2010, nama Greyson Chance mempunyai pengaruh yang kuat di kalangan peminat lantaran berjaya memukau seluruh dunia ...
Greyson Chance Shares One Tweet That Perfectly Illustrates How
You may remember Greyson Chance as the sixth-grade cutie who captured all of our hearts – and Ellen DeGeneres' attention – when he ...
EXCLUSIVE! Greyson Chance Performs An Acoustic Version Of
Greyson Chance is nearly ready to release his EP Somewhere Over My Head, and we can't wait to see how the album reflects his growth as an ...
Greyson Chance, The Viral 'Paparazzi' Singer, Is Now All Grown Up
If the name Greyson Chance doesn't instantly ring a bell for you, perhaps this might jog your memory. On April 28, 2010, a video was uploaded ...
Share 「Video: Greyson Chance reunites with Ellen...」
Oklahoma musician Greyson Chance and TV host Ellen DeGeneres reunited on Thursday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Remember Viral Sensation Greyson Chance? Wait'll You See Him
In 2010, 12-year-old Greyson Chance became an overnight sensation online, when his impressive piano cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" ...
Singer/songwriter Greyson Chance debuts single, 'Afterlife' available
LOS ANGELES — Singer/songwriter Greyson Chance fron Edmond will be releasing a new EP in early 2016, entitled 「Somewhere Over My ...
10 Questions with Greyson Chance
Greyson Chance debuted his new single "Afterlife" yesterday on iTunes, so we thought it was time to get to know the singer/songwriter a little bit ...
Video: Greyson Chance releases new single 'Afterlife' from
Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance, who hails from Edmond, will be releasing a new EP in early 2016 titled "Somewhere Over My Head.".
Greyson Chance Menunjukan Sisi Kedewasaanya Dalam Single
Penyanyi laki-laki asal Amerika, Greyson Chance, merilis single terbarunya pada hari ini yang berjudul 「Afterlife」 dari album barunya ...
Greyson Chance Drops New Single 'Afterlife' - Listen Here!
The 18-year-old singer just debuted his brand new single, 「Afterlife」 off of his upcoming EP, Somewhere Over My Head, and you can grab it on ...
Confira o lyric video de "Afterlife", nova música de Greyson Chance
Sem pressa para divulgar o trabalho, o cantor prodígio Greyson Chance revelou nesta quarta-feira (28) mais uma prévia de seu segundo ...
《大逆轉裁判》公布倫敦市警局的刑警「葛瑞森」 及福爾摩斯住家等情報
守護倫敦治安的「倫敦市警局」。當有事件發生就是他們出動的時候。在倫敦市警局裡經常涉獵這些案件的,就是葛瑞森刑警。如對事件有著在意之處, ...
Lady Gaga's Cover Artist, Teen Greyson Chance is Driving a 1966
Now this young artist, Greyson Michael Change on his full name, is the perfect example of what Youtube can build up on talented people.
Greyson Chance Celebrates 4 Years of Music
Greyson Chance's music career has been a bumpy ride for sure. He climbed to the top and quickly slide back down. Now he is trying his hand ...
Greyson Chance: Please Play Nice
Greyson Chance's fame may have gone down a lot, but his fans are still polarized. He recently got a taste of seeing what his fans can do in ...
Amerikaans tieneridool Greyson Chance in Zutphen
ZUTPHEN - Hij is zestien jaar oud, heeft meer dan 2,5 miljoen volgers op Twitter, zat op de bank bij Ellen DeGeneres, wordt in Amerika soms ...
Amerikaans tieneridool Greyson Chance brengt meisjes in Zutphen
ZUTPHEN - Een Amerikaans tieneridool zorgde gisteren voor lichte consternatie in Zutphen. De zestienjarige Greyson Chance, die vier jaar ...
Amerikaans tieneridool Greyson Chance in Zutphen
ZUTPHEN - Hij is zestien jaar oud, heeft meer dan 2,5 miljoen volgers op Twitter, zat op de bank bij Ellen DeGeneres, wordt in Amerika soms ...
Greyson Chance Close To Album Being Finished
Greyson Chance and his fans are excited for his much awaited new album, Planet X. After starting to work on it about a year ago he is close to ...
Greyson Chance: Why Do We Need Role Models?
Greyson Chance is certainly a unique person who seems to have very different thoughts from most of his peers. He recently went on a rant on ...
Wednesday Video Spotlight: Greyson Chance starts rolling out new
Edmond musician Greyson Chance, 16, says he is almost finished with his long-awaited sophomore album, the follow-up to 2011′s 「Hold on ...
Remember Him? 5 Questions With "Paparazzi" Star Greyson Chance!
Greyson Chance has changed a lot in the four years since his performance of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" at his sixth-grade music recital went ...
Greyson Chance Releases Temptation for ASCAP
Greyson Chance teamed up with the ASCAP to release a new song. It is called 「Temptation」 and he was surprised by them releasing it without ...
Greyson Chance: My Fans Make My Job Easier
Yesterday we shared with you that Greyson Chance is on a mission to get 「Temptation」 up to 100k views. After tweeting it once to his fans, they ...
Greyson Chance: Let's Make Tempation Reach 100K
Greyson Chance's fans have reacted well to his latest song, 「Temptation」 and he is happy about it. Now he wants to see it reach 100k views on ...
Greyson Chance Returns to Tumblr
Fans of Greyson Chance might have been missing out on his social media usage. So he announced his epic return to his official Tumblr page, ...
Greyson Chance: Why Pick Other Artist?
Greyson Chance might be young and fairly new, but he makes whole lot of sense with words of wisdom. This time the young star started talking ...
Greyson Chance Hating on Liars
Greyson Chance might not be as popular as he once was, but he still has his fair share of haters out there. Case in point he has had to speak ...
Greyson Chance Deals with Parking Tickets
Greyson Chance is growing up so fast! He just paid his second parking ticket in a few months and he is amazed at how grown up he is already.
Greyson Chance Signs Up For Own Mailing List
Greyson Chance might have done a strange thing that will puzzle some of his fans. He announced that he signed up for his own email list, ...
Greyson Chance Happy over TJ Martell's Concert
Greyson Chance had his big return on stage this past weekend, at the TJ Martell charity show in NYC. Greyson had a blast and admits that he ...
Greyson Chance Working On Music With Ed Sheeran?
There's a chance that Greyson Chance could be working on music with Ed Sheeran! Greyson went to see Ed in concert this month, and he met ...
Greyson Chance Teasing New Music Release Soon?
Greyson Chance has been busy this summer with recording new music and he is hinting time for release is close! He shared two tweets in the ...
Greyson Chance Creeped Out By Talking Animals
Greyson Chance appears to think he is the odd person out, according to a recent tweet. He shares that movies where animals talk creep him ...
Greyson Chance To Join Ed Sheeran And Jason Mraz At Charity
The TJ Martell Foundation is proud to announce the addition of Greyson Chance and Emblem3 to their impressive lineup of artists for its 14th ...
Greyson Chance, Emblem3 Join TJ Martell Foundation Event
The T.J. Martell Foundation's 2013 「Family Day」 honoring Paradigm über booking agent Marty Diamond welcomes hit makers Greyson Chance ...
Greyson Chance Joins TJ Martell's Foundation Family Day
Greyson Chance will be performing for the first time in months at the TJ Martell's Foundation Family Day in NYC. It will take place on September ...
Greyson Chance, napamahal na raw sa Pilipinas
We welcome healthy discussions and friendly debate! Please click Flag to alert us of a comment that may be abusive or threatening. Read our ...
Greyson Chance: I Cannot Wait To Release My New Songs
We are getting closer to Greyson Chance releasing new songs according to one of his latest tweets. He shares that he has been enjoying some ...
Greyson Chance Loves New York Rain
Greyson Chance might feel like he had the best timing to be NYC. He is visiting the big city this week (most likely related to making new music) ...
Greyson Chance Shares Picture Of Gift On Twitter
Greyson Chance recently got a gift, the entire collection of Beatles on vinyl. He shared the picture of his new gift on Instagram before tweeting ...
Greyson Chance Leaves Bali With New Music
Artist Greyson Chance took a trip to Bali this month to do a lot of writing. Turns out it was the perfect idea and Greyson wrote a ton of new music ...
Greyson Chance Leaves Bali With Hints Of New Songs
Pop singer and burgeoning actor Greyson Chance recently took a trip to Bali earlier this month to do a lot of writing on songs that may appear ...
Greyson Chance Hinting At New Music?
Now that Greyson Chance has been signed on to a new label, he is now working on new music. Greyson took to his favorite social media ...
Greyson Chance Is Writing New Music In Bali
Artist Greyson Chance is having a relaxing song writing session for the next two weeks! Greyson just arrived in Bali where he will be taking in ...
Greyson Chance Biking & Working in Bali
Greyson Chance has taken some time off ever since parting ways with his label, which he insist is not the end of his career. However, as any ...
Greyson Chance Shares Special Video With Fans For Happy
What do you think of Greyson Chance's video clip for this fans? Do you think he's one of the most humble pop stars today? Have you ever got ...
Greyson Chance Self Proclaims Himself as a Geek - BSCkids
Greyson Chance is not your normal teen star, which already knew and loved about him. However, he is also not shy about whom he really is ...
Greyson Chance Tweets Car Milestone
Pop singer, Greyson Chance recently experienced a milestone with his beloved car Moses. During a late night drive, the 1966 Ford Mustang hit ...
Greyson Chance Tweets Hint About New Music Videos?
Is there a new music video around the corner from Greyson Chance? The pop singer recently tweeted 「all I think about are music videos, music ...
Greyson Chance Tweets About Returning To The Studio
Pop singer Greyson Chance recently tweeted that he was back in the studio presumably working on his next album. Much to the delight of his ...
Greyson Chance Buys Retro Whip
Greyson Chance may no longer have a record deal, but the boy is smart on saving as he recently proved. He just announced that he bought his ...
Greyson Chance Explains Best Part of Being a Singer
Greyson Chance may have come a long way from his start on YouTube, but that doesn't mean he's too cool to answer fan questions.
Greyson Chance Gets His First Car
Greyson Chance just revealed to his fans that he purchased his very first car! Greyson shared the photo of himself and his new ride above ...
Greyson Chance Writes New Songs All Night
Greyson Chance is having a tough time with life right now and he is using the experience to write some new songs. He shared a Instagram ...
Greyson Chance Goes on Ski Trip
Greyson Chance might have no record deal, but he is still working hard to give back to his fans. He recently shared a photo of himself in his ski ...
Greyson Chance Talks About Vevo TV
Greyson Chance wants you to watch his music videos on Vevo TV. He recently promoted the new channel on Twitter with the following ...
Greyson Chance and his fans help get water to Rwanda residents
Greyson Chance is a busy young fellow! When the young artist isn't traveling the world performing for his fans it appears that he is helping ...
Greyson Chance writes open letter to fans addressing his split from
Singer/songwriter/pianist Greyson Chance, 15, of Edmond released this week on Facebook an open letter to his fans reassuring them that he ...
Greyson Chance Shares An Open Letter About His Music With His
Greyson Chance recently left Interscope Records, and he didn't want his fans to be worried! Greyson shared the open letter below with his fans: ...
Greyson Chance Goes Vegetarian
I think it's awesome that Greyson Chance wants to become a vegetarian. It's a healthy and rewarding choice to make. Who knows, maybe when ...
Greyson Chance Pays Respect to Etta James
Greyson Chance is not your average Twitter user, when he usually tweets there is, a purpose for each one. A good example of his meaningful ...
Greyson Chance Hangs Out with Lady Gaga
Greyson Chance owes a lot to Lady Gaga, thanks to his now famous cover of one of her songs. But little did he realize that he would become ...
Greyson Chance Shows Off Favorite Gifted Records from Fan
Greyson Chance has been so busy with his own upcoming album and tour, he hasn't had much time to interact with fans as much he'd like.
Greyson Chance Leaves Interscope Records
So the word is out that myself and Interscope have parted ways. It was a positive parting, for both of us, and I will always remember them as my ...
Greyson Chance Visits Old School
Greyson Chance headed back to his hometown of Wichita Falls, TX to give a speech at his old school, Ben Milam Elementary. While he was ...
Greyson Chance confirms Interscope split: 'Positive thing for my
Greyson Chance isn't signed with Interscope anymore. The artist and record label have parted ways and the confirmation of the moment came ...
Greyson Chance debunks travel rumors: 'Not be making a trip
Greyson Chance has been rumored to be heading around the world in 2013. ... Before anyone got too excited Greyson Chance announced on ...
Le petit prodige Greyson Chance a bien grandi : découvrez sa
Souvenez-vous, Greyson Chance c'est cet écolier américain qui nous avait bluffés il y a presque 3 ans en chantant "Paparazzi", le tube de ...
Greyson Chance: MTV Sessions - Watch Now!
Greyson Chance sings his heart out during his MTV Sessions special, which aired in Asia back in October. The 15-year-old singer shared the ...
Greyson Chance performing tonight on 「New Year's Rockin' Eve」 on
Edmond singer/songwriter/pianist Greyson Chance, 15, is part of the performance lineup of 「Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan ...
Greyson Chance: 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' Preview - Watch Now!
Greyson Chance talks about what is in store for him in 2013 in this New Year's Rockin' Eve preview! 「A lot of things are going on right now for ...
Greyson Chance Tells 'Truth': Eyes Two Releases in 2013
After laying low for much of the year, Greyson Chance is gearing up for a very busy 2013. The 15-year-old Oklahoma native, who burst onto the ...
Greyson Chance, 15, goes from YouTube star to 'New Year's Rockin
It might seem easy to plunk Greyson Chance into a familiar category. He's a pleasant-faced, pleasant-voiced kid from Oklahoma. He was ...
Greyson Chance Will Perform At The 2013 New Year's Rockin' Eve
Great news! Greyson Chance will be performing at the 2013 New Year's Rockin' Eve this year! Greyson revealed: Super excited to announce ...
Greyson Chance added to lineup of ABC's 'Dick Clark's New Year's
Edmond singer-songwriter Greyson Chance has joined the west coast party lineup of performers, including Justin Bieber, on "Dick Clark's New ...
Justin Bieber, Jason Aldean, Greyson Chance, Ellie Goulding, The
Justin Bieber, Jason Aldean, Greyson Chance, Ellie Goulding, The Wanted & Psy Added to 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan ...
Greyson Chance, 「The YouTube Kid」, grows up
Having performed in 9 different countries in the past 9 months, the punishing pace of his work must have been a strain on any teenager.
'Truth Be Told Part 1': Relive the Greyson Chance experience
Greyson Chance's latest single 「Sunshine & City Lights」 from his latest EP and upcoming full-length album titled 「Truth Be Told Part 1」.
Q&A with singer Greyson Chance
Texas-born teen idol Greyson Chance was recently in town to record the TV show, MTV Sessions. Chance, 15, talked to My Paper about girls, ...
Greyson Chance Releases "Sunshine and City Lights" Music Video
The video for Greyson Chance's latest single, 「Sunshine and City Lights」 has just been released on VEVO! And if you like what you hear ...
VIDEO: Greyson Chance lights up Manila
SUNSHINE AND CITY LIGHTS. Greyson Chance was in Manila for the second time to promote his new album, Truth Be Told Part 1, and to join ...
Video: Greyson Chance shines in new 'Sunshine & City Lights' video
As most fans will remember, Greyson Chance's performance of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi at a sixth-grade music festival became a hit on YouTube ...
Teen popstar Greyson Chance in S'pore for live recording
SINGAPORE - Popstar Greyson Chance brought the house down last Friday when he did a live recording of MTV Sessions with over 300 fans.
Greyson Chance Returns To Manila, Professes 'Liking' Pinoy Music
MANILA, Philippines—It's visit number three here for teen sensation Greyson Chance who cited the biggest reason he keeps returning: 「I just ...
吉隆坡6日訊)葛瑞森柴斯(Greyson Chance)3度來馬,這次帶全新迷你專輯《Truth Be Told Part 1》與F.O.S品牌合作推出了周邊產品。曾客串美劇的 ...
Connect with Greyson Chance
Connect with Greyson Chance ... IT was late night in Oklahoma when YouTube sensation Greyson Chance called from the United States for a ...
Greyson Chance launches new EP at Market! Market! on Nov. 11
Greyson Chance recording 「Truth Be Told part 1″ (Sunshine & City Lights). Video uploaded with permission from MCA Music (Universal Music ...
Greyson Chance in Manila for 3-day show
US singer Greyson Chance (right) arrives at the NAIA on Sunday for a three-day 'Merry Musical Lights' performance to be held in several malls ...
葛瑞森柴斯(Greyson Chance)3度來馬,這次帶全新迷你專輯《Truth Be Told Part 1》與F.O.S品牌合作推出了周邊產品。曾客串美劇的他,無意效仿 ...
從社群網站最紅的美國六年級小學生到擁有白金唱片銷售認證,成千上萬粉絲緊追不捨的新世代創作歌手─葛瑞森Greyson Chance)的夢想超乎 ...
Greyson Chance coming to Malaysia on Nov 1 to 5
TEENAGE American pop-rock singer Greyson Chance (pic) will be coming to Malaysia early next month to promote his new EP Truth Be Told ...
Kuching all set for YouTube star Greyson Chance
KUCHING: Kuching is all set for American YouTube star Greyson Chance who will be making his debut performance here today.
Association to feature Greyson Chance in live concert
Association to feature Greyson Chance in live concert. Posted on October 25, 2012, Thursday. KUCHING: Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association (SLTA) is going ...
5. Greyson Chance in Malaysia
Sweet singing boy, Greyson Chance will be cruising through our shores in three different locations. Look out for the singing sensation in ...
〔本報訊〕從社群網站上暴紅的美國六年級小學生葛瑞森Greyson Chance)搖身一變,成為新世代創作歌手,趕在年底前推出迷你專輯《真心話首部曲》(Truth Be Told ...
Greyson Chance: Recording 'Truth Be Told' Video!
Greyson Chance gets back to work on recording his new EP in this new video inside the studio. The 15-year-old musician treated fans to a little ...
【大紀元2012年10月26日訊】年僅15歲的美國流行音樂歌手葛瑞森Greyson Chance),最近推出迷你專輯《真心話首部曲》(Truth Be Told Part 1),這張專輯召集暢銷 ...
'Greyson Chance Live!' at Ayala Malls this November
Platinum-selling artist Greyson Chance has seen places of the world most people only dream of visiting. To promote his debut album 「Hold On ...
Greyson Chance: 'Truth Be Told' EP Cover & Track List Revealed!
Greyson Chance: 'Truth Be Told' EP Cover & Track List Revealed! Greyson Chance: 'Truth Be Told' EP Cover & Track List Revealed! Check out ...
Greyson Chance 「Truth Be Told」 Track List
Greyson Chance has released the track list for his upcoming EP album 「Truth Be Told.」 Here are the song titles: 1. Sunshine & City Lights 2.
Greyson Chance performs at Ayala Malls
MANILA, Philippines - Ayala Malls presents 15-year-old American teen pop singer-songwriter and pianist Greyson Chance (photo) for a series ...
Stand a chance to watch Greyson Chance live
SINGAPORE - MTV'S next instalment of its Sessions gigs will feature pop singer Greyson Chance, who will perform at Resorts World Sentosa ...
Greyson Chance: 'Sunshine & City Lights' - LISTEN NOW
Greyson Chance: 'Sunshine & City Lights' - LISTEN NOW. Greyson Chance: 'Sunshine & City Lights' - LISTEN NOW. Greyson Chance just ...
Greyson Chance Has An EP Album Arriving In October 2012
Greyson Chance has just announced that he will be releasing an EP album this October! During a fan Q & A Greyson was asked when he has ...
圖文-音樂盛典現場-Greyson Chance拿獎
圖文-音樂盛典現場-Greyson Chance拿獎. 2012-08-22 01:55 來源:21CN娛樂. Greyson Chance拿獎. 新浪娛樂訊8月21日晚,第十一屆CCTV-MTV音樂盛典在北京 ...
Greyson Chance Releasing his New EP in October!
Greyson Chance has been enjoying his career in music ever since his cover of Lady Gaga's 「Paparazzi」 made headlines and was even ...
Office Depot Debuts PSA Messages Featuring Greyson Chance and
BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Office Depot, Inc. (NYSE: ODP), a leading global provider of school supplies, today revealed a new ...
Lady Gaga ist Fan von Greyson Chance
Den Anfang machte Greyson Chance während eines Schulfestes in seiner Heimatstadt Wichita Falls, Texas, bei dem er am Klavier seine ...
Greyson Chance, la nueva promesa juvenil
Greyson Chance, la nueva promesa juvenil. El adolescente lanzado a la fama por el sello discográfico de la conductora y actriz Ellen ...
Greyson Chance gives behind-the-scenes look at wild rehearsals
There's something refreshingly mild about 14-year-old singer Greyson Chance. About the edgiest thing he's done is tell the TSA they suck, and ...
Greyson Chance Has A Bullet Necklace Confiscated By Airport TSA
Greyson Chance shared with his fans yesterday that as he was making his way to a airport terminal to board a plane he had his bullet necklace ...
YouTube singing sensation Greyson Chance says he's no Justin
As he lounges on a leather loveseat, styled hair flicked casually over his forehead and a confident smile at the ready, Greyson Chance is no ...
圖文:音樂盛典紅毯-Greyson Chance擺造型
頒獎禮紅毯群星閃耀,閆妮、竇驍、陳妍希、Greyson Chance等悉數亮相。圖為Greyson Chance擺造型。夏祺/圖. 上海灘爆料平台最高獎勵500元>> ...
Gaga師弟Greyson Chance將助陣十一屆音樂盛典
美國童星Greyson Chance出生於1997年,自幼學習鋼琴,13歲時 ... 此次獻唱音樂盛典為Greyson Chance中國首秀,Greyson Chance此次也會 ...
AKB48、Greyson Chance將助陣第十一屆音樂盛典
美國童星Greyson Chance自幼學習鋼琴,13歲時翻唱Lady Gaga ... Greyson Chance此次也會特別帶來他的全新創作作品Sunshine & City lights, ...
Greyson Chance做客《音樂風雲榜》小正太「鍾情」蔡依林
Greyson Chance做客《音樂風雲榜》小正太「鍾情」蔡依林. 2012/8/23 16:41:52 紅網 字體: 【大 中 小】. Greyson Chance做客《音樂風雲榜》 ...
楊冪捧最受歡迎女歌手Greyson Chance來華首唱
亞洲超人氣組合登台助力,新生代偶像Greyson Chance精彩的表演征服了現場的所有觀眾,令歌迷們驚喜不已,大呼過癮。頒獎嘉賓名單也是星光 ...
Greyson Chance首次來華與幸運歌迷親密接觸
網易娛樂7月11日報道北京時間7月2日—4日,年僅15歲、被美國譽為「天才神童」的、Lady Gaga的欽點師弟Greyson Chance格雷森蔡斯首次來華。
GaGa師弟Greyson Chance抵港稱最想嘗試臭豆腐
GaGa師弟Greyson Chance抵港稱最想嘗試臭豆腐. ... 網易娛樂7月5日報道昨日,Lady GaGa師弟Greyson Chance抵港,獲半百粉絲接機。他透露 ...
Greyson Chance簽唱會再抱熱情粉絲
Greyson,Chance,新浪娛樂訊昨日到港的Ladygaga師弟、天才音樂神童Greyson Chance六日再度與歌迷進行近距離接觸,在港舉行自己新 ...
Greyson Chance來港唱K按腳
Lady Gaga同門師弟,被譽為百分百「天才神童」,年僅14歲的Greyson Chance兩個多月前首度來港宣傳首張個人大碟《Hold it'til the night》亞洲特別版大碟,風頭一時 ...
重臨香江零距離冧Fans Greyson Chance任攬任咀
Lady Gaga小師弟Greyson Chance前晚由長沙來港,出席今日一連串與歌迷的聚會。前晚有半百歌迷親到機場接機,Greyson亦十分識做,走向歌迷 ...
視頻:Greyson Chance自曝與歌迷們結婚
新浪娛樂訊7月5日,Ladygaga的師弟天才神童Greyson Chance來到香港與歌迷作近距離接觸。活動當日,主辦方貼心安排近半百名的歌迷在 ...
重臨香江零距離冧Fans Greyson Chance任攬任咀
(綜合報道)(星島日報報道)Lady Gaga小師弟Greyson Chance前晚由長沙來港,出席今日一連串與歌迷的聚會。前晚有半百歌迷親到機場接機,Greyson亦十分識做, ...
GaGa師弟Greyson Chance抵港稱最想嘗試臭豆腐
GaGa師弟Greyson Chance抵港稱最想嘗試臭豆腐. ... Greyson Chance透露最想吃臭豆腐。 Greyson Chance。 昨日,Lady GaGa師弟Greyson ...
GaGa師弟Greyson Chance抵港稱最想嘗試臭豆腐
網易娛樂7月5日報道昨日,Lady GaGa師弟Greyson Chance抵港,獲半百粉絲接機。他透露最想吃臭豆腐。
Camryn Talks Greyson Chance, One Direction, 'Long Time Gone
Camryn is not your typical 12 year-old girl. She has toured with and opened for some of the biggest acts in the world right now, including One ...
SEE IT: Edmond teen Greyson Chance performs 'Pumped Up Kicks
Edmond teen pop sensation Greyson Chance performed a cover of the Foster the People hit "Pumped Up Kicks" this week while on a tour stop ...
師弟Greyson Chance「GaGa is the crazy aun
Lady GaGa來港一星期,全城哄動,而同期GaGa的14歲小師弟Greyson Chance亦來港宣傳新碟《Hold On 'til the Night》,抵港當日有近300 ...
Greyson Chance, Joey Lawrence, Trace Adkins and Other Celebs
Today is Father's Day and several celebrities, including Greyson Chance, Joey Lawrence, Guy Fieri, Trace Adkins, Sal Masekela, David Alan ...
Ariana Grande Fails To Prank Greyson Chance
Uh oh! Ariana Grande prank called Greyson Chance yesterday, but it didn't exactly work! Here's what Greyson shared about Ariana trying to ...
Teaser For Greyson Chance New TV Special
Greyson Chance has been working hard to conquer Asia's fans, much like he did here in the US. With his recent tour and series of interviews, ...
Greyson Chance Would Like To Write a 30 Minute Song
The young pop sensation Greyson Chance has been having a lot of odd ideas lately including wanting to write a 30 minute song. Greyson ...
Greyson Chance Wants To Write A Song That Lasts For 30 Minutes
Greyson Chance has a pretty interesting idea yesterday! He said he has so much on his mind that he wants to write a seriously long song!
Greyson Chance逛女人街fans護駕
Greyson Chance逛女人街fans護駕 (2012年05月02日). 挾Lady Gaga師弟之名來港宣傳的Greyson Chance,繼日前在商場舉行見面會,獻唱兼 ...
14歲的歌手葛瑞森Greyson Chance)展開亞洲宣傳活動,他在台灣時難得地入境隨俗,駐點唱片行辦簽名會,吸引600多名歌迷,盛況少見。
女神卡卡師弟葛瑞森昨來台,展開5天宣傳活動,一到台北就收到大嘴巴送的彩繪球鞋與球衣,正對14歲小男生的口味,晚上開心參加全中運選手之夜 ...
Mindless Behavior Teaming up with Greyson Chance
Ears up Mindless Behavior fans. Your favorite boys have been busy lately, but now they're ready to show you what they've been working on!
Greyson Chance Promotes 「Oh My English!」
Greyson Chance is in a new commercial promoting a new show Oh My English! coming to Astro TVIQ in Malaysia. Here's what was shared ...
Greyson Chance Is Performing In Concert With Mindless Behavior In
If you are in New York City on June 16, 2012 then you should be sure to check out Greyson Chance live in concert with Mindless Behavior!
葛瑞森Greyson Chance)下一站要趕往香港,簽名會現場湧進約700名熱情歌迷排隊等候。 唱片公司為祝福要兼顧事業與學業的葛瑞森一切順利, ...
GaGa師弟Greyson Chance和歌迷又親又抱
Sorry, girls: Greyson Chance is already 'married'
Greyson Chance is constantly surrounded by girls but says he's already 'married.' MANILA, Philippines - In-between his second PHL concert (the last leg of ...
Greyson Chance to be featured in new museum
CITY — Greyson Chance, raised in Edmond, will be one of the featured artist in a new statewide museum called OKPOP, the Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture.
葛瑞森離台前 獲贈建中書包
葛瑞森Greyson Chance)下一站要趕往香港,簽名會現場湧進約700名熱情歌迷排隊等候。 唱片公司為祝福要兼顧事業與學業的葛瑞森一切順利,不僅贈送台北市立建國高級 ...
丁噹人氣飆漲狂吸金 葛瑞森挺卡卡稱未抄襲
女神卡卡的師弟、「滿分男孩」葛瑞森25日趁訪台空檔和爸爸去桃園大溪打高爾夫,他笑說自己球技很差,一行4人分兩隊比賽,果然每個人都把球打進水裡,他還一開球就把球 ...
葛瑞森偏愛自然系女孩 大讚MC40台灣巨星
Yes娛樂5月5日台北報導美國流行歌手「滿分男孩」葛瑞森柴斯,近期作客CHANNEL [V]音樂飆榜西洋榜,與主持人MC40一見如故,他大讚「MC40一定是台灣最有名的藝人」, ...
ภาพข่าว: Meet & Greet with Greyson Chance
... with Greyson Chance」 พาผู้ฟังชาวเก็ทคลายร้อนรับซัมเมอร์สุดชิคกับหนุ่มน้อยมหัศจรรย์เจ้าของอัลบั้ม Hold on till the night ผู้โด่งดังจากการคัพเวอร์เพลง ...
葛瑞森愛家鄉 忍痛不挺林來瘋
「滿分男孩」葛瑞森27日晚在台北舉行歌迷見面會,逾300名粉絲參加,同一時間他的師姊女神卡卡也在韓國首爾為巡迴演唱揭開序幕。針對媒體常拿卡卡與瑪丹娜做比較,或說 ...
葛瑞森首見台灣媒體 秀中文「我愛你」
【大紀元2012年04月27日訊】(大紀元記者林若梅台灣台北報導)15歲的美國爆紅男星葛瑞森首度訪台,上「只想聽音樂Hit Fm聯播網」接受專訪,大秀中文「我愛你」、「我很帥」。
Greyson Chance
Greyson Chance, a 14-year-old boy from Texas, was among those discovered stars and recently staged his debut performance for his fans in Bangkok.
Greyson Chance Finishes Promoting His Music, Starts To Write More
Greyson Chance revealed to his fans that he is finished promoting his music for now, and he is heading home to begin writing more songs!
Greyson Chance Enjoys Bangkok, Thailand After His Concert On May 4
Greyson Chance held a concert in Bangkok, Thailand on May 4, 2012! Were you lucky enough to be there? After the show Greyson enjoyed riding around the city!
葛瑞森偏愛自然系女孩 大讚MC40台灣巨星
Yes娛樂5月5日台北報導美國流行歌手「滿分男孩」葛瑞森柴斯,近期作客CHANNEL [V]音樂飆榜西洋榜,與主持人MC40一見如故,他大讚「MC40一定是台灣最有名的藝人」, ...

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