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Album name:Beautiful Eyes (EP)

Although the full-length follow-up to her self-titled debut is due out in November, hungry fans simply can't wait that long. So to tide them over, Swift has released Beautiful Eyes, a Wal-Mart exclusive that has enough extras to satisfy fans until November. The six-track disc is a cross of the old and new, with three brand-new cuts and three songs from her debut, although they're presented here in new versions.

Of course, it's the new stuff that most fans are clamoring for, and Swift knows exactly how to keep them happy. 'Beautiful Eyes' kicks off the party. This sweet, simple love song doesn't have some of the clever hooks that Swift uses so well as a songwriter; instead, it captures the innocence of young love in an endearing, effervescent package. It's a sweet lead-in to the disc, but from there, Swift picks up the pace.

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