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Willie Nelson( Willie Hugh Nelson )

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Willie Nelson( Willie Hugh Nelson )


Lyricist:Townes Van Zandt

I stood in line and left my name
Took about six hours or so
The man just grinned like it was all a game
He said they'd let me know

I put in my time on the Pocono line
Shut down two years ago
I was stayin' at the mission till I met Marie
Now I can't stay there no more

Fella 'cross town said he's lookin' for a man
To move some old cars around
Maybe me and Marie could find a burned out van
And do a little settlin' down

But I'm just dreamin' 'cause I got no ride
And the junkyard's a pretty good ways
That job's about a half week old
Besides it'd be gone now anyway

Unemployment said I got no more checks
And they showed me to the hall
My brother died in Georgia some time ago
And I got no one left to call

Summer wasn't bad below the bridge
A little short on food, that's all
Now I gotta get Marie some kind of coat
We're headed down into fall

I used to play the mouth harp pretty good
I hustled up a little dough
But I got drunk and I woke up rolled
A couple of months ago

They got my harp and they got my dollar
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Them low life so and so's
Harps cost money and I ain't got it
It's my own fault I suppose

The Pocono's down but the Chesapeake's runnin'
Two freights everyday
If it was just me I'd be headed south
But Marie can't catch no train

She's got some pain and she thinks it's a baby
Says we gotta wait and see
In my heart I know it's a little boy
I hope he don't end up like me

The man's still grinnin', said he lost my file
I gotta stand in line again
And I wanna kill him but I just say no
I had enough of that line my friend

I head back to the bridge and it's gettin kinda cold
And I'm feelin' too low down to lie
Guess I'll just tell Marie the truth
I hope she don't break down and cry

Marie she didn't wake up this mornin'
She didn't even try
She just rolled over and went to heaven
My little boy safe inside

I laid them in the sun where somebody will find them
Caught a Chesapeake on the fly
Marie will know that I'm headed south
So to meet me by and by
Marie will know that I'm headed south
So to meet me by and by

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Willie Nelson( Willie Hugh Nelson )
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