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Pansy Division【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 126 首歌 】
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That's So Gay 英文
1.Twinkie Twinkie Little Star (提供)
2.Average Men (提供)
3.Ride Baby (提供)
4.Some Of My Best Friends
5.That's So Gay (提供)
6.Obsessed With Me (提供)
7.20 Years Of Cock (提供)
8.What's In It For Me (提供)
9.You'll See Them Again (提供)
10.Dirty Young Man (提供)
11.It's Just A Job
12.Pat Me On The Ass (提供)
13.Never You Mind (提供)
14.Life Lovers (提供)
Wish I'd Taken Pictures 英文
1.Horny In The Morning
3.I Really Wanted You
4.Dick Of Death
5.Expiration Date
6.The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out
7.Wish I'd Taken Pictures
8.Pillow Talk
9.This Is Your Life (提供)
10.Don't Be So Sure (提供)
11.Kevin (提供)
12.The Ache (提供)
13.Pee Shy (提供)
14.Sidewalk Sale (提供)
Pile-Up 英文
1.I Can't Sleep
2.Ring Of Joy
3.Fuck Buddy
4.Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other (提供)
6.Cry For A Shadow
7.Real Men
8.Bill & Ted's Homosexual Adventure
9.Jack U Off
10.Strip U Down
12.Big Bottom
13.Touch My Joe Camel
14.The Biggest Lie
16.Femme Fatale
18.Homo Christmas
19.C.s.f. (提供)
20.Smells Like Queer Spirit
Deflowered 英文
2.Groovy Underwear
4.Fluffy City
5.James Bondage
6.Negative Queen
9.Beercan Boy
11.A Song Of Remembrance For Old Boyfriends
12.Deep Water
13.Not Enough Of You To Go Around
14.New Pleasures
Undressed 英文
2.Fem In A Black Leather Jacket
4.Boyfriend Wanted
5.The Story So Far
6.Hippy Dude
8.The Cocksucker Club
9.Crabby Day
10.Luck Of The Draw
11.Rock&Roll Queer Bar
12.Surrender Your Clothing
Pansy Division Live '92-'03 英文
1.James Bondage (live 2003)
2.You're Gonna Need Your Friends (live 1998)
3.Bad Boyfriend (live 1998)
4.Fluffy City (live 1998)
5.The Best Revenge (live 1998)
6.Deep Water (live 1998)
7.Denny (Live 1998)
8.Versatile (Live 1998)
9.Sweet Insecurity (live 1998)
10.Fem In A Black Leather Jacket (live 1998)
11.Expiration Date (live 1997)
12.Groovy Underwear (live 1998)
13.I'm Gonna Be A Slut (live 1998)
14.Too Many Hoops (live 2003)
15.Alpine Skiing (live 2003)
16.No Protection (live 2003)
17.Horny In The Morning (live 2003)
18.He Whipped My Ass in Tennis (Then I Fucked His Ass In Bed) (live 2003)
19.Luv Luv Luv (live 2001)
20.Not Enough Of You To Go Around (live 1998)
21.Boyfriend Wanted (live 1998)
22.It'll Never Be The Same (live 1998)
23.February 17 (Live 1998)
24.Political Asshole (live 1997)
25.Anonymous (Live 1994)
26.New Pleasures (live 1994)
27.Fuck Buddy (live 1993)
28.Bill & Ted's Homosexual Adventure (live 1993)
29.Crabby Day (live 1993)
30.Big Bottom (live 1992)
31.Curvature (Live 1994)
32.Strip U Down (live 1996)
33.Pillow Talk (live 1996)
34.Dick Of Death (live 1995)
35.Wish I'd Taken Pictures (live 1995)
36.I Really Wanted You (live 1995)
37.I Can't Sleep (live 1995)
38.Reciprocate (Live 1995)
39.Vanilla (Live 1995)
40.ANTHEM (live 1994)
41.Smells Like Queer Spirit (live 1992)
More Lovin' from Our Oven 英文
1.Bunnies (Live At Tramps)
2.Male Model
3.Sweet Pain
暫存 英文
1.Lookout 69
2.Vicious Beauty (live 7' single)
3.He Whipped My Ass In Tennis (And Then He Fucked My Ass In Bed)
4.Tinted Windows
5.Alpine Skiing
6.He's Trouble

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