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Feist( 妃絲特 )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 101 首歌 】
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Pleasure 英文
Metals 英文
Interscope Records
1.The Bad In Each Other
3.Caught A Long Wind
4.How Come You Never Go There
5.A Commotion
6.Woe Be (提供)
7.Bittersweet Melodies
8.Anti Pioneer
9.Undiscovered First
10.Cicadas And Gulls
11.Comfort Me
12.Get It Wrong,Get It Right
How Come You Never Go There (Single) 英文
1.How Come You Never Go There (Single)
The Reminder 英文
Arts & Crafts / Polydor
1.So Sorry
2.I Feel It All
3.My Moon My Man
4.The Park
5.The Water
6.Sea Lion Woman
7.Past in Present
8.Limit to Your Love
9.1 2 3 4
10.Brandy Alexander
12.Honey Honey
13.How My Heart Behaves
Open Season: Remixes and Collabs 英文
1.Inside+Out (Apostle of Hustle unmix live at the BBC)
2.When I Was a Young Girl (VV mix)
3.One Evening (VV mix)
4.Gatekeeper (Do Right mix)
5.Mushaboom (Postal Service mix)
6.Lonely Lonely (Frisbee'd mix)
Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down) 英文
1.Flight #303
3.One Year A.D.
4.Still True
5.The Mast
Let It Die 英文
1.Let It Die
2.Inside and Out
3.Tout Doucement
Dark Was The Night 英文
1.Train Song
2006-01-27: Park West, Chicago, IL, USA 英文
1.The Buildup
2.So Sorry
3.Fighting Away the Tears
5.Major Label Debut
7.Let It Die
9.Secret Heart
暫存 英文
2.Honey Honey (BBC session)
4.Leisure Suite
5.Sealion (Chromeo remix)
6.When I Was a Young Girl
7.Snow Lion
8.Lonely Lonely
10.Somewhere Down the Road
11.1234 [Sesame Street Version]
13.La Sirena
14.Lover's Spit
15.That's What I Say, It's Not What I Mean
16.The Simple Story
17.One Evening
18.Piste 3
19.Secret Heart [Live]
20.When I Was A Young Girl [Live]
21.Strangers [Live]
22.Where Can I Go Without You? [Live]
23.So Sorry [Live]
24.My Moon My Man [Live]
25.Limit To Your Love [Live]
26.L'amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours
27.Anti-Pioneer (When The Month Changes Numbers)
28.Cicadas & Gulls
29.The Circle Married The Line
30.How Come You Never Go There?
31.The Undiscovered First
32.Pine Moon
33.Sea Lion
34.The Limit To Your Love
35.My Moon My Man (Ringtone) - Ringtone
36.Inside and Out (The Audience Honey Remix)
37.Intuition (Live at The Danforth Music Hall)
38.Fightin' Away the Tears
39.I Feel It All - Escort Remix
40.How Come You Never Go There (Remix By Beck)
41.One Two Three Four
42.Black Tongue
43.Fire in the Water
44.Look at What the Light Did Now
45.Gatekeeper (Pocketknife's Faded Beach Towel remix)
46.Now at Last
47.Inside & Out (Pearson & Usher Elektronischer dub)
48.We're All in the Dance
49.Safety Bricks
50.Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye

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