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Hillsong Kids【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 146 首歌 】
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Crazy Noise 英文
1.Great Day
2.Free As a Bee
3.Crazy Noise (提供)
4.Let Your Light Shine
5.Tiny Little Voice
6.Song of Love (提供)
7.Be Strong
8.I'm So Glad (提供)
9.Be Still (提供)
10.Children of the Bible (提供)
11.The Greatest Commandment (Matthew 22:37-38)
12.Life With Jesus
13.Alligator Goodbye (提供)
14.My Favorite Things
Ultimate Collection (Live) 英文
1.Trust And Obey - Live
2.I'm Really Happy (Live) (提供)
3.Super Strong God (Live) (提供)
4.Trust & Obey (Live)
5.Let Your Light Shine (Live) (提供)
6.This Is the Day (Live) (提供)
7.My Number One (Live) (提供)
8.Jesus Loves Me (Live) (提供)
9.You're All I Need (Live)
10.Your Eyes (Live) (提供)
11.Follow You (Live) (提供)
12.Tell the World (Live)
13.Superhero (Live) (提供)
14.Rainbow (Live) (提供)
15.One Way (Live)
Tell the World 英文
1.Tell the World
2.My Number One (提供)
3.Power In Your Name/Devotion (提供)
4.Lean On You (提供)
5.God So Loved (提供)
6.Power In Your Name / Devotion (提供)
8.I Want the World to Know (提供)
9.Yours Alone (提供)
10.You're the Answer (提供)
11.Light of the World (提供)
12.My Redeemer Lives
13.I'm Not Ashamed (提供)
Tell The World (Live) 英文
1.My Redeemer Lives - Live
2.I'm Not Ashamed (提供)
3.I'm Not Ashamed - Live
4.Lean On You - Live
5.God So Loved - Live
6.Forever - Live
7.I Want The World To Know - Live
8.Yours Alone - Live
9.You're The Answer - Live
10.Light Of The World - Live
11.My Number One (提供)
Supernatural (Live) 英文
1.Better Than Life - Live
2.Supernatural (提供)
3.Jesus Loves Me (提供)
4.Shout To The Lord - Live
5.I Will Sing - Live
6.Shine On Me - Live
7.Everyday - Live
8.On The March - Live
9.Always With You - Live
10.Get It Started - Live
11.Not Forgotten - Live
12.For Who You Are - Live
13.Always With You (提供)
Super Strong God 英文
1.All I Need Is You/You Are My World
2.I Believe in Jesus (提供)
3.I Love You
4.Medley: All I Need Is You / You Are My World
5.Look From Heaven
7.Jesus in My Life (提供)
9.Heaven in My Heart (提供)
10.Let the Children Come (提供)
11.God You Make Me Smile (提供)
12.Royalty (提供)
13.Rainbow (提供)
14.Let Your Light Shine
Super Strong God (Live) 英文
1.Royalty - Live
2.I Believe In Jesus - Live
3.I Love You - Live
4.All I Need Is You/You Are My World (Medley) - Live
5.Look From Heaven - Live
6.Free - Live
7.Jesus In My Life - Live
8.Radio - Live
9.Heaven In My Heart - Live
10.Let The Children Come - Live
11.God You Make Me Smile - Live
12.Let the Children Come (提供)
Piano Lullabies (Vol. 2) 英文
1.Man Of Sorrows
2.Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
3.From The Inside Out
4.Sinking Deep
5.Scandal Of Grace
6.With Everything
Piano Lullabies (Vol. 1) 英文
1.God Is Able
2.This Is Our God
3.I Surrender
4.Lead Me To The Cross (提供)
5.Christ Is Enough
6.Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
7.Mighty To Save
Jesus Is My Super Hero (Live) 英文
1.King Of Majesty - Live
2.King of Majesty
3.Never Give Up! (提供)
4.Did You Know - Live
5.Night Song - Live
6.Breathe - Live
7.Get Up And Dance - Live
8.You're The One - Live
9.Alive - Live
10.Anthem Of Praise - Live
11.Oh How I Love You - Live
12.Blessed - Live
13.Superhero (提供)
Follow You 英文
1.Spinning Around
2.There's Nothing Better
3.Jesus You Care
5.You Are Good
6.Shout Your Fame
7.Love Never Fails
Follow You (Live) 英文
1.Take It All - Live
2.I'm So Glad / You Are Here (The Same Power) [Live]
3.Love Never Fails - Live
4.Shout Your Fame - Live
5.You Are Good - Live
6.More - Live
7.Jesus You Care - Live
8.There's Nothing Better - Live
9.Spinning Around - Live
暫存 英文
1.Tell The World [Live]
2.One Way [Live]
3.Super Strong God [Live]
4.This Is The Day [Live]
5.My Number One [Live]
6.Superhero [Live]
7.Supernatural [Live]
8.Trust & Obey
9.One Way
10.King of Majesty (Kids version)

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