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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Caroline Doctorow
Caroline Doctorow【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 74 首歌 】
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I Carry All I Own 英文
1.Dust Devils (提供)
2.Way Out West (提供)
3.Circle of Friends (提供)
4.The Crossroads (提供)
5.Young Westley (提供)
6.Back to Salinas (提供)
7.Northfield (提供)
8.Down the Roadntana Song (提供)
9.Music Strings (提供)
That Changes Everything 英文
1.A Fire In New Town (提供)
2.Roadhouse (提供)
3.Jesus When He Goes (提供)
4.Wade In the Water (提供)
5.Whenever You Call (提供)
6.Throwing Stones (提供)
7.You Won't Find Me (提供)
8.That Changes Everything (提供)
9.Back to Say Goodbye (提供)
10.Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (提供)
11.Caroline Doctorow (提供)
Sweet to Me 英文
1.Ashes and Sand (提供)
2.The Wrecking Ball (提供)
3.Wish I Was (提供)
4.Song for Nancy (提供)
5.For Lovin' Me (提供)
6.Prairie in the Sky (提供)
7.Sweet to Me (提供)
8.Measure My Love (提供)
9.Gentle on My Mind (提供)
10.Long Way to Fall (提供)
11.Young Girl Blues (提供)
12.Big Duck Ramble (提供)
Another Country 英文
1.Bold Marauder (提供)
2.Raven Girl (提供)
3.Children of Darkness (提供)
4.Reflections In a Crystal Wind (提供)
5.Sell-out Agitation Waltz (提供)
6.Another Country (提供)
7.Hard Lovin Loser (提供)
8.Birmingham Sunday (提供)
9.Reno Nevada (提供)
10.The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (提供)
11.Morgan the Pirate (提供)
12.Mainline Prosperity Blues (提供)
13.Celebration for a Grey Day (提供)
Follow You Down 英文
1.Will If You Want Me To (提供)
2.Vanetta (提供)
3.Follow You Down (提供)
4.Carry It On (提供)
5.Something I Can Use (提供)
6.Lady Godiva (提供)
7.Your Good Side (提供)
8.One Too Many Mornings
9.How Can We Hang Onto a Dream (提供)
10.Other Side of This Life (提供)
Carmel Valley Ride 英文
1.Carmel Valley Ride
2.Baby Blue Eyes (Annabelle)
3.Memory Tattoo
4.I Want You
5.A Swallow Song
6.When I Choose
8.Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes
9.Blame All My Troubles On the Moon
10.Come Back Baby
11.I Want You (instrumental) (提供)
Passing Through Tulsa 英文
1.I'm Always On a Mountain When I Fall (提供)
2.Passing Through Tulsa (提供)
3.Independence Day (提供)
4.High Hopes (提供)
5.Some of Shelly's Blues
6.Three Wishes (提供)
7.Better Than That (提供)
8.Smoke Signals (提供)

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