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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Bedouin Soundclash
Bedouin Soundclash【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 64 首歌 】
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Light The Horizon 英文
1.Fools Tattoo
2.May You Be The Road
3.Brutal Hearts
4.No One Moves, No One Gets Hurt
5.A Chance Of Rain
7.The Quick & The Dead
8.Rolling Stone
9.Follow The Sun
Sounding A Mosaic 英文
1.When The Night Feels My Song
3.Living In Jungles
4.Money Worries
5.Gyasi Went Home
6.Shadow Of A Man
7.Jeb Rand
9.Murder On The Midnight Wire
10.Music My Rock
11.Rude Boy Don't Cry
12.Immigrant Workforce
13.Nothing To Say
iTunes Live from Montreal 英文
1.Bells of 59 (Live)
2.Fools Tattoo (Live)
3.May You Be the Road (Live)
4.Jeb Rand (Live)
5.Mountain Top (Live)
6.Elongo (Live)
7.Rolling Stone (Live)
8.12:59 Lullaby (Live)
Warped Tour Bootleg Series 英文
1.Shelter (Live from Ventura, CA - 07.03.05)
2.When The Night Feels My Song (Live from Ventura, CA - 07.03.05)
3.Criminal (Live from Ventura, CA - 07.03.05)
4.Shadow of a Man (Live from Ventura, CA - 07.03.05)
Street Gospels 英文
1.12:59 Lullaby
2.Bells Of 59
4.Hearts In the Night
5.Higher Ground
7.Jealousy And The Get Free
8.Midnight Rockers
9.Nico On the Night Train
10.St. Andrews
11.Trinco Dog
12.Until We Burn In the Sun
13.Walls Fall Down
Root Fire 英文
1.Rodigan State Address (提供)
2.Rebel Rouser
3.Dub In The Kalamegdan (提供)
4.Johnny Go To New York (提供)
5.Eloween Deowen
6.Mandrake Root
7.National Water (提供)
8.Back To The Matter (提供)
9.Santa Monica
10.Natural Right (Rude Bwoy)
Mountain Top (Single) 英文
1.Mountain Top
暫存 英文
1.Money Worries - featuring Vernon Maytone
2.Brutal Hearts (FlicFlac Radio Edit)
3.Brutal Hearts (Flicflac edit)
4.Stand Alone
5.Clock Work

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