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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Alan Merrill
Alan Merrill【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 67 首歌 】
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The Aleecat, Live In Japan 英文
1.See You Comin'
2.Foreign Prince of Tokyo
3.Instant Gratification
4.Out On the Line
5.Horny Lips
6.So Deep
7.Motor Running
8.Posession Obssession
Songer Singwriter 英文
1.Lift In Your Life
2.Number One
3.Fooling Myself
4.Season of Our Love
5.Heaven N Hell
6.Timeless Lover
7.Miss Cadillac
9.Let 'em Roll
10.Who In the World
11.Straight to My Heart
12.Loving You Like Heaven
Never Pet a Burning Dog 英文
1.Free Wheeler
2.Always Another Train
3.Rain Chasing Dreams
4.N.Y. City
5.Rock Me in Rhythm
6.Cold Cold September
7.Keep on Comin'
8.She Rocks Me
9.Love Express
10.Rock on You
Cupid Deranged 英文
1.I Love Rock 'n' Roll (Fanfare) (提供)
2.My Last Night With You
3.Move It
4.Sands of Time
5.White Heat (提供)
6.Lesson Learned
9.Wait for It
10.Dead End Zone
11.You Don't Know What You Want
12.Action to Reaction
13.When the Night Comes
14.Automatic Pilot
15.Like Heaven
16.Miles Away
17.I Love Rock 'n' Roll (提供)
18.Touch Too Much
At the Candy Shop 英文
1.At the Candy Shop
2.Baby Doll
3.Bridge to the Moon
Aleecat 英文
2.Trisha Uptown
3.No Speed Limit
4.Straight From Your Heart
5.Lost in Lust
6.Somebody Special
7.Next Time
8.Phoenix and the Renegade
暫存 英文
1.automatic Pilot (english Language Version
2.Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
3.Walk Away Renee
4.Pretty Ballerina
5.Everyday All Night Stand
6.Know yourself

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