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Billy Bragg


Billy Bragg

Sugar Daddy (Moodswings remix)

Sugardaddy took me to wonderland
Gave me so many presents I could not stand
To see you
I really couldn't stand to see you
Sugardaddy took me far away
On a holiday, I didn't have to pay
Just be there
All I had to do was be there
Sugardaddy comes with his pockets full of fun
Sugardaddy's blowing kisses from his gun
What will he do and where will he run
When the real world comes to town?
Sugardaddy took all my pain away
Now I have to say I'd let him get away
with murder
I'd let him get away with murder
He drives a car that doesn't have a roof
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And he dares the Big Ol' World to tell him the truth
By buying silence
He buys your silence
Silence, so you'll never have to ask him why
Silence, so you'll never say he makes you cry
Silence, so you'll never look him in the eye
And say you want his time 'cos time is money
Sugardaddy can't help but overfill his cup
Sugardaddy always rides heavy on his luck
What will he do when his baby grows up
And doesn't want the toys he's provided?
Sugardaddy comes with his pockets full of fun
Sugardaddy's blowing kisses from his gun
What will he do and where will he run
When the real world comes to town


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