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The Early November


The Early November

We Grew Up the Same

And now it's time I go
I've had enough of this lie
So I'll get up
So I'll get up
And I'm no longer a children
So now it's time I say whats really on my mind
Whats on my mind

I guess you're not to blame
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See we grew up just the same
But a useless mind and a waste of space
That walked us to this day
So today I face my fear
And prove it's not fate that brought me here
But a ruthless heart and a careless mind
That left me in this bind

-Okay, lets do it
-Alright, well, how are you today first of all? I hope your trip was good.
Can you believe this weather? It's 65 and sunny.
But anyway, lets pick it up where we left off last week. Is that okay with you?
-Anyway, I mean I really just think we were getting close so whenever you're ready, take it away

Raised to feel like trash
By a drunken man and his drunken friends
He found strength in numbers

So I guess it was a normal night, only difference was it wasn't the last.
See from what it seems, him and his friends were hanging out in the living room,
so he figured a simple walk through wouldn't hurt, but there it was…

Sitting around the card table
If you saw his eyes they were glowing bright
He was ready for this fight
Tried to leave the room
But before the door he was on the floor
Screaming, “I hate you”

Now, see at this point it was more than the money, or being lazy, or a waste of life.
He disrespected his love. Right there in front of everyone, in front of his love.


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