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Shreddy Krueger


Shreddy Krueger


Safe in their own sweet wild wood.
They lay to rest and join the sands.
Enwrapped in pale blue moonlight,
Our fair Aurora paints the night.

The pious murmur, hushed voices,
That they won't sleep in cloud.
Just sulfur flashes from lakes of ashes.
I'll switch up the skin, just let them in!

So tell me my Gods,
will our loved and lost answer to only you?
In search of clarity.
with a heart this frozen.
Just speak true to me.
I, I can't stand,
I can't stand by the thought that we won't find rest.
In search of clarity.
Will my loves be chosen.
With a heart this frozen.
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Young castaway,
Swim into your ocean.
Hold me closer.
While I wait for closure.

I can promise you silence,
But I won't promise no violence.
But abandoned crosses make him the crossest,
Only lives lived with purity.

I'm just exhausted,
For those accosted.
I'll give you life,
I'll give you love,
I'll swallow death.
I'll give you my breath.
Paint you new life.