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Ricky Skaggs


Ricky Skaggs

You Make Me Feel Like a Man (live)

You Make Me Feel Like a Man

1Well, It's so good to see your face again.
It's so good to hold your hand.
And it's so good to kiss your lips again.
You make me feel like a man.

2Well, it's so good to see you smile again.
It's so good to taste your tears.
And it's so good to call you mine again.
We've grown closer through the years.

BridgeOur love is deeper than an ocean.
Our love is higher than the sky.
Our love, it fills me with emotion.
I see forever in your eyes.

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BridgeOur love is sweeter than the flowers.
Our love is stronger than any wind.
And as I love you through the hours.
My heart will always sing this song again -- and again.

1It's so good to see your face again.
It's so good to hold your hand.
And it's so good to kiss your lips again.
You make me feel--
You make me feel--
You make me feel like a man.

TagYou make me feel like a man.


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