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Les Misérables: International Cast


Les Misérables: International Cast

Castle on a Cloud

there is a castle on a cloud
i like to go there in my sleep
aren't any floors for me to sweep
not in my castle on a cloud

there is a room thats full of toys
there are a hundred boys and girls
nobody shouts or talks too loud
not in my castle on a cloud

there is a lady all in white
holds me and sings a lullaby
she's nice to see and she's soft to touch
she says Cozette i love you very much

i know a place where no one starves
i know a place where no one cries
crying at all is not allowed
not in my castle on a cloud

oh, help i think i hear them now
and ive nowhere near finished sweeping and scrubbing the floors
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oh its her
its madam

now look who's here
the little mademoiselle
pretending once again she's been so awfully good

then don't let me catch you slacking
better not catch my eye
ten rotten Franks your mother sends me
what is that going to buy

now take that pail
my little mademoiselle
and go and draw some water from the well

we should never have taken you in in the first place how stupid the things that we do
like mother like daughter the scum of the street