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Lovestory Scene out of a Movie

Day one, we arrived at the hotel, you get into our room and you start talking
I don't know what's happening, I can see you looking at him, you fell in love
It's so obvious and I wonder how he did not see this happening
I didn't tell him yet, because he didn't see

He didn't see, he didn't see
He didn't see, he didn't see

Day two, we go into the city and I keep an eye on you, just to confirm what I thought
You did not tell anyone, the look in your eyes, shows how vulnerable you are
You're fully focused on him, you look him straight in the eye and he looks back
There still is not really much going on, but I can see this work out

I can see this work out, I can see this work out
I can see this work out

Day three, I told him, he didn't believe me, I said: 'The way she looks you in the eye
The way she puts her hands through your hair, I can't believe you still try to deny this thought'
Then another friend came to me after climbing the St. Peter and he was told by you
That you likes him a lot and you want to start something with him

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You want to start something with him
You want to start something with him

Day four, the last full day in this city and we go to see some more basilicas
I asked him last night if he does like you and he answered 'Yes.'
Then our roommate came in and wanted to make a problem out of the fact
That I also liked you, but it didn't matter, cause you two started a relationship

On the fourth night
The fourth night

Day five, the last day, we went home, you sat on a bench at the airport
He almost fell asleep, his boarding pass got stolen, so he had to buy a new one
He returned and stepped into the plane and he was on time
Now we are all home and you two are together and that's the end of this little story

Of this little story
Of this little story


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