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Matt Fishel


Matt Fishel

The First Time

You're my best memory
You're the world to me
Drew in a breath that morning, on the day you changed my life forever
I was fearful of you
I was scared

Stood under bridges, singing songs in two-part harmony
The rain was pouring
Slowly you reached out, holding on to my hand
If ever you should stumble, I will be your ground
I'm your man

These memories are awakened every winter, I taste you on the breeze
The smell of warm lips touching
Blocking out the cold and warming up the world
That's the picture I paint in my heart of when I was your man

And it was on that day I touched a guy for the first time
(for the first time)
You could feel my heart racing
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(I felt alive inside)
Your palm in my palm
(and it felt so right)
And I was so damn scared, I was trembling all over
(we kissed, we melted in)
Oh baby do you remember (I'll never forget) the way you smiled?
You were so beautiful

But if I can't reach you baby, what's the point?
What's the point in all this?
If I can't touch you baby, what's the point in going on?
I'm stumbling now
Are you listening?
Do your words still stand?
I'm your man

I'm the boy you wanted, but I'm not the man you love