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Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (born 16 October 1986), known professionally as Inna, is a Romanian singer and songwriter. Born in Mangalia and raised in Neptun, she studied political science at the Ovidius University before meeting Romanian trio Play & Win and pursuing a music career. Inna adopted the stage name Alessandra in 2008 and approached a pop-rock style; later that year, she changed her stage name to Inna and began releasing house music. 'Hot' (2008), her debut single, was a commercial success worldwide and topped Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart. She subsequently signed with Ultra Records in April 2009. Her debut studio album of the same name followed in August 2009 and was certified Gold and Platinum.

Inna's second album, I Am the Club Rocker (2011), was honored as one of that year's best albums by her label Roton and yielded global success for the single 'Sun Is Up' (2010). The track won the Eurodanceweb Award, making Inna the first and only Romanian artist to win the award. Her follow-up studio album, Party Never Ends (2013), was nominated for two consecutive years for Best Album at the Romanian Music Awards and reached the top 10 in Mexico. In 2014, Inna signed with Atlantic Records and released 'Cola Song', a commercially successful collaboration with J Balvin.

With global album sales of four million from her first three studio albums, Inna is the best-selling Romanian artist. She received a number of awards and nominations, including the Balkan Music Awards, European Border Breakers Award, MTV Europe Music Awards and the Romanian Music Awards. Inna is a human rights activist, participating in campaigns against domestic violence.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Tu Manera 2019-03
1.Tu Manera
Sin Ti 2019-01
1.Sin Ti
Say It with Your Body 2016-10
1.Say It with Your Body
Body and The Sun 2015
1.Too Sexy
2.Bop Bop (feat. Eric Turner) (Provided)
3.Rendez Vous (Provided)
4.Salina Skies
6.Walking On The Sun
7.Fool Me
8.Sun Goes Up
9.Devil's Paradise
10.Diggy Down (feat. Marian Hill) [Extended Version] (Provided)
11.Diggy Down (piano deluxe)
12.Summer In December
Summer Days (EP) 2014
1.Take Me Higher
3.Devil's Paradise
4.Tell Me
5.Body and The Sun
Party Never Ends 2013
3.More Than Friends
5.In Your Eyes
6.We Like to Party
8.Dame Tu Amor
9.Take Me Down to Mexico
11.Take It Off
14.Crazy Sexy Wild
15.Live Your Life
16.Party Never Ends
17.Fall in Love/Lie
18.World of Love
19.I Like You
20.Shining Star
22.Boom Boom
23.Tu ?i Eu
24.Light Up
26.Crazy Sexy Wild (Willy Sanjuan EMPO Wild Remix)
27.Ok (Beenie Becker Remix) (Provided)
Be My Lover (Single) 2013
1.Be My Lover
Wow (Single) 2012
INNdiA (Single) 2012
1.INNdiA (Single)
I Am The Club Rocker 2011
1.Sun Is Up
2.Un Momento
3.Club Rocker
5.Moon Girl
6.No Limit
7.House Is Going On
11.We're Going In The Club
12.Put Your Hands Up
13.Club Rocker (Play & Win Remix)
Club Rocker (Single) 2011
1.Club Rocker (Single)
ultimate NRG 5
1.Amazing - Inna
2.Amazing (Alex K Remix)
3.10 Minutes (XNRGs Blue Moon Remix)
Very Hot
1.Days Night
2.10 Minutes - Play & Win Radio Edit
3.Hot (Play & Win Radio Version)
4.On and On (Chillout Mix)
5.Hot - Play & Win Radio Version
6.10 Minutes
9.Amazing - Radio Edit
10.Don't Let the Music Die
11.On & On
12.I Need You for Christmas (Play & Win Radio Version)
13.Love (Play & Win Radio Edit)
14.Hot - Daz Bailey Vocal Mix
15.Left Right
Very Hot - Edition collector
1.I Need You for Christmas
4.10 Minutes
8.Days Nights
9.Don't Let the Music Die
10.On & On
11.Hot (original version)
12.On & On (original album version)
13.Left Right
Ultra Hot Remixes
1.10 Minutes (Chris Garcia & Mehrbod Remix)
2.Hot - Sgt Slick Remix
3.Love - DJ Andi Remix
4.Love (Dandeej Remix)
5.Sun Is Up (Cahill Mix)
6.Hot (Da Brozz Remix)
7.Amazing - Buzz Junkies Mix
8.Sun Is Up - Mico Club Mix
Sun Is Up
1.Sun Is Up (UK radio edit)
2.Sun Is Up - Mico Club Mix
3.Sun Is Up - Odd Remix Edit
4.Sun Is Up - Play & Win Radio Edit
1.Salina Skies
2.Devil's Paradise
4.Deja Vu
5.Yalla (Deepierro & Offir Malol Remix Edit)
7.Fool Me
9.Bad Boys
10.Don't Let the Music Die
11.Summer in December
12.Diggy Down (Piano Deluxe)
13.Diggy Dowm - Marian Hill
14.Devil's Paradise
Inna (Ep - Remixes)
1.Endless - Lukone Remix Radio Cut
2.Love - Dandeej Remix
3.10 Minutes (DJ Feel Remix)
4.Amazing (Frisco Club Mix)
5.Hot (Jeroxs Walk in a Dusk Edit)
I Am the Club Rocker (feat. Juan Magan, Flo-Rida)
1.House Is Going On - Original Mix
2.Wow - Original Mix
3.We're Going in the Club - Original Mix
4.Sun Is Up - Play&win Radio Version
5.Señorita - Play&win Radio Version
2.It's Over
6.Nights And Days
9.Don't Let The Music Die
10.On And On
12.Deja Vu
16.Angel (Provided)
17.Left Right
Hot (Remixes)
1.Hot - Malibu Breeze Remix
2.Hot - Cahill Club Edit
3.Hot - Us Short Edit
4.Hot - The Real Booty Babes Remix Edit
5.Hot (UK Radio Edit)
6.Hot - Play & Win Radio Version
7.Hot - Cahill Club Mix
8.Hot - Da Brozz Edit
Heaven (Remixes)
1.Heaven - Dream Big Remix Edit
2.Heaven - DJ Asher Remix
3.Heaven - Midi Culture Remix
4.Heaven - Radio Edit
Full Songs and Remixes
1.Don't Let the Music Die (original version)
4.Fever (Extented radio version)
5.Hot (Dubainian club mix)
6.Left Right (extended mix)
7.Love (original version)
8.On and On
Diggy Down
1.Diggy Down (Embody Remix)
2.Diggy Down
3.Diggy Down - Radio Edit
Deja Vu
1.Deja Vu (N-Force Mix)
2.Déjà Vu - Wideboys Stadium Club Mix
3.Déjà Vu - Play & Win Club Version
Amazing (Remixes)
1.Amazing (Almighty Mix)
2.Amazing - Play & Win Club Version
3.Amazing - Buzz Junkies Radio Edit
4.Amazing - Almighty Radio Edit
1.Fly (Provided)
3.Diggy Down (feat. Marian Hill)
4.Diggy Dowm
5.On & On (Chillout Remix)
6.I Am the Club Rocker (Da Brozz remix)
7.Club Rocker (feat. Flo Rida) - Radio Version
8.More than Friends [feat. Daddy Yankee]
9.Cola Song (Feat. J Balvin)
10.We like to Party (YA BB)
11.Party Never End
12.Crazy Sexy Wild (Radio Edit)
13.J'adore (Extended Version)
14.INNdiA (feat. Play & Win) - DJ Turtle Remix Radio Edit
15.Dancing Lambada
16.Rendez Vous - Armageddon Turk Spring Breakers Mix
17.Rendez Vous - Radio Edit
18.Bop Bop - Radio Edit
19.Heart Drop
20.I Wanted You
21.Hot (The Real Booty Babes Edit) - The Real Booty Babes Edit
22.In Your Eyes (Radio Edit) [feat. Yandel]
23.Be My Lover (feat. Juan Magan) - Radio Edit
24.Un Momento (Play&Win 2011 Radio Edit feat. Juan Magan)
25.Diggy Down (feat. Marian Hill) - Radio Edit
26.Club Rocker feat. Flo Rida
27.Light Up - English Version
28.Salinas Skies
29.Yalla - Extended Version
30.In Your Eyes (Radio Edit)
31.In Your Eyes (Adi Perez Remix Edit)
32.Summer Days
33.Be My Lover (Original Version)
34.Endless (Diakar Remixxx)
35.I Need You for Christmas 2010
36.J'adore (Radio Edit)
37.J'Adore (Axel Bless & Swanson Remix)
38.Sun Is Up (Mico remix)
39.Sun Is Up - The Perez Brothers Remix
40.10 Minutes (Breeze & Klubfiller remix)
41.Love - UK Radio Edit
42.Don't Let Music Die
43.Good Time (feat. Pitbull)
44.Good Time
45.More Than Friends (Radio Edit)
46.Inndia (Tony Zampa Remix)
47.Gimme Gimme
48.Déjà vu (Play & Win Radio Edit)
49.Hot (Play & Win club mix)
50.Déjà Vu
51.More Than Friends (Futurism Remix)
52.More Than Friends (Extended Mix)
53.In Your Eyes (feat. Yandel) - Radio Edit
54.In Your Eyes (feat. Yandel)
55.Club Rocker - Play & Win Radio Version
56.Club Rocker - Odd Remix Edit
57.I Am the Club Rocker (Play & Win Radio Version)
58.INNdiA (feat. Play & Win)
59.INNdiA (DJ Turtle Remix)
60.INNdiA (Salvatore Ganacci Remix)
61.Say it with your body (Radio Edit)
62.Gimme Gimme (Radio Edit)
63.Ok (Mico C Remix Edit)
64.Amazing - Amazing
67.My Dreams
68.Hands Up
69.Dream About the Ocean
71.Don't Mind

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