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Iron Maiden

The Educated Fool


I'm an educated fool
So i don't know what it is i'm supposed to do
About this awkward situation
That's been forced down right upon me

As i'm walking down into
On my own into the valley of life
Got a lifetime of experience
Yeah i've got so much to give

Open the page at chapter one
Could this just be that life's just begun
Forever within your darker thoughts reflecting on everything you've been

Never felt this way before
Seems that somebody's just opened the door
To the book of life .... or is it death!
There's ever anyway out

Someone's looking down on me
To the very inner core of my soul
They won't tell me what they see
But i really want to know

I want to leave my life on my own
I want to lift the unturned stone
I want to walk right into the fire
I want to live out all my desires

I want to go and see the fire burn
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I want to see and feel my world turn
I want to know what more there's to learn
I want to pass the point of no return

Do you really wanna be
Just another one statistic or feel

That you really should aspire
That you really do deserve more

Do you ever really fell
That you have so much potential inside
What you really have to give
Could be realized so much more

Time will flow
And i will follow
Time will go
But i will follow

I want to feel what life's like respond
I want to meet my father beyond
I want to walk right into the light
I want to feel no fear but delight

I want to leave my life on my own
I want to lift the unturned stone
I want to walk right into the fire
I want to live out all my desires

The educated fool

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