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Tom Odell( Thomas Peter Odell )

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Tom Odell( Thomas Peter Odell )

Can't Pretend - Commentary

Love, I have wounds
Only you can mend
You can mend
I guess that's love

'I've been listening to a lot of Leon Russel and Elton John
and and what I love about Elton John and Leon Russel
is their reference to blues, dark blues.

I was playing a few gigs and was just setting up the band,
doing gigs out of town and I come back and then I do three days of writing in my flat,
and it was an old time in some ways, I watched three movies and listened to three movies in a row,
and I wouldn't leave the house for three days
and I'd listen to a load of music and films and then I'd write for a straight six hours.
If you spend three days in your flat writing, things can get a little darker than it would be if you were writing songs at a festival,
so a lot of those songs are along those bluesy lines.'

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