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Billy Bragg


Billy Bragg

Moving the Goalposts

I put on my raincoat to make it rain
And sure enough the skies opened up again
I dreamed of you as I walked to the shops
You were dancing with the wallies on Top Of The Pops

Once in a while
Gennady Gerasimov drops his smile
And you can see that his aims
A portfolio pregnant with gains

He's been up all night
Moving the goalposts

Like a jackdraw with a fiery brand
Spread the news all over this land
Robin Hood and his Merry Men
Are never, never, never coming back again

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I don't believe that love should be pain
So could you please rub my back again
Now, I'm thinking it's safe to leave them in the park
Let's blow out the candles and kiss in the dark

Heavens above
Can this sticky stuff really be love?
Don't get dressed yet
Not yet

We've been up all night
Moving the goalposts

We've been up all night
Moving the goalposts


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